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I'm still working on my Million Point Giveaway, might take me a while to get to your comment if I haven't yet :)
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Hey Dash, Thanks for asking :) I personally didn't have a plan ahead of time or suggest a plan to others for the new featuring rate. I did send feedback to imgflip last Thursday, asking if they could slow the featuring rate down to every hour or half hour just for the Page 9 Party hour. That didn't happen... but the volume of memes in the Latest queue was pretty large and a slower pace would have made for a gigantic batch at 10pm. When the new batch came out at 9:15, clinksler made the call and left a comment to move the party to the new Page 9. That seemed to work fine. From what I can tell we successfully promoted the following memes to the Hot pages. . .
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You can, NASA has done that with the film that came back.
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The Apollo missions were equipped with 70mm Hasselblad cameras. You can find a catalog of the images here According to IMAX, 35mm film has a digital equivalent of 6000 lines of horizontal resolution (6K), while 70mm film has the equivalent of 18,000 lines of digital resolution (more like 12,000 in reality)
They're all looking at me!
Another Page 9 Party success story!
Who Would Win?
It's pretty easy to do and can be a fun thing to add on with a meme comment. Here's a couple memes with guidance on how to. Short version by james3v6 and the long version by anona247 Hope that helps:)