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So I'm sure most of you have heard about the gas explosions by now and my houe is right in the middle of it all
My sister lives on the south side of North Andover, south of Boston Hill
I'm just curious, does anyone even care what I look like?
Only do it if you want to see yourself photoshopped into memes...
Taking an untested shortcut during rush hour
There is some detailed info about the origin of the Exit 12 meme on if your interested, it's still going strong. I grew up near that exit sign in Belmont and Winchester, driven by it hundreds of times. I knew it looked familiar. I've created a few Exit 12 templates on imgflip from scratch along the lines of the original meme. The car in the meme is from a YouTube video, but half a world away. I found the original video on YT for a screenshot of the drifting car in my templates (link in this gif ) That video was shot in Lørenskog Norway.