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A chance to role-play as, and learn about, the mafia- a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary historic activities are protection, arbitrating disputes between wise guys, and brokering and enforcing shadowy agreements. The term "mafia" derives from the Sicilian Mafia. If imgflip community mods are like the police around here then (like the Mafia) WE ARE the police too but the police for wiseguys and counter-trolls. Fuhgit abut it! All in good fun, of course, and respect the imgflip TOS!
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Marilyn Monroe and Tommy Noonan

Marilyn Monroe and Tommy Noonan |  He was like this when I found him! Swear! | image tagged in marilyn monroe and tommy noonan | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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mafia |  ME & THE BOYS | image tagged in mafia | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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