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The Imgflip Slack app lets you create and post memes in your Slack channels using intuitive text commands that give you access to one of the most extensive meme template databases on the internet. There are a few ways to use the /imgflip command:

Help Command

/imgflip help

The help command will give you a summary of how to use the imgflip app, including most of the info below.

Caption a specific meme by name

/imgflip MEME_NAME; TEXT1; TEXT2; TEXT3; ...

Two texts:

/imgflip bad luck brian; turns on airplane mode; phone flies away

One text (bottom):

/imgflip ancient aliens; aliens

One text (top):

/imgflip doge; wow;

Many texts (many templates allow more than two):

/imgflip doge; many meme; wow; such breadth; so customize; wow

No text:

/imgflip facepalm;

MEME_NAME can be any featured meme on Imgflip, or any user-submitted meme that has been marked as safe-for-work. Whether a meme is safe-for-work is determined either manually by an Imgflip moderator, or programmatically via Google Images Safe Search API. See to search the entire catalog. There are tens of thousands of memes at your disposal, and they are constantly being updated as new memes are invented! Imgflip will attempt to find the closest match if you don't type the meme name exactly. Adding " gif" to the end of the meme name will search Animated GIF memes only.

List the current top memes

/imgflip topmemes

This command makes it easy to find the names of top memes if you forget!

Caption a meme automatically (Automeme)

If you don't know the name of the meme you want or prefer not to type everything manually, you can just type the full content of your meme and Imgflip will try to magically pick the right meme template and position your text automatically. Imgflip uses deep learning to guess the meme, so you can phrase your meme in many different ways and it will often still work! Below are some popular patterns, just replace the Xs and Ys with your own custom text to use them.

/imgflip one does not simply X
/imgflip i don't always X, but when I do Y
/imgflip X, X everywhere
/imgflip not sure if X or Y
/imgflip X y u no Y
/imgflip y u no X
/imgflip brace yourself(ves) X
/imgflip X all the Y
/imgflip X that would be great
/imgflip X too damn Y
/imgflip yo dawg X
/imgflip X gonna have a bad time
/imgflip am I the only one around here X
/imgflip what if I told you X
/imgflip X ain't nobody got time for that
/imgflip X I guarantee it
/imgflip X annnnd it's gone
/imgflip X bats an eye Y loses their minds
/imgflip back in my day X
/imgflip X but that's none of my business
/imgflip you get X you get X everybody gets X

You can try Automeme online here:

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