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Pretty much a stream dedicated to your local floof king! You can post anything you'd like here, except for NSFW posts (that includes nudity and any type of pornography, any sorts of extreme NSFW posts will be disapproved)! Also no bullying, rude comments, or any negative activity. Harassment may result in a temporary ban but if it continues, that person will be banned permanently! Aight, have fun everyone and enjoy your stay! ^^ <3
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OC fact #1

OC fact #1 |  Retro doesn't only use his claws to attack, he also uses his trusty blood-stained kitchen knife most of the time. Because he can manipulate shadows he can turn his knife into a long blade made out of shadows that can cut into anything! | image tagged in fun fact with retro | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Random Fact #2

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Old art

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