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What is the Image Resizer?

It's a free online image editor for quick image resizing, cropping, optimization, compression, and conversion.

How to resize an image

  1. Upload an image. Press the upload button to choose any image from your device.
  2. Resize, crop, rotate, flip. Choose your desired options to customize the image output. Drag and drop or enter numbers into the inputs to change size and crop dimensions. To automatically crop to edges within the image, use the Auto button.
  3. Choose output type. Select an image format to generate and whether to optimize the file size of that format (which takes a little longer).
  4. Generate and preview. Press the generate button and then check the image preview and output result below to make sure it's correct.
  5. Download. Download your final image! Done!

Which image formats are supported?

Does image optimization use lossy or lossless compression?

For jpeg and webp images, your device's browser always performs a lossy compression at 92% quality, regardless of whether you select "optimize filesize". 92% is a good balance of quality and file size.

For jpeg and png images, selecting "optimize filesize" will send the image to Imgflip servers for an advanced lossless optimization step. This minimizes file size while ensuring the quality of the image is untouched. Our PNG optimizer is one of the best, so feel free to compare with other lossless optimizers.