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Images you create

Any content submitted to the Imgflip community may be shown to the public. For any images created with the Imgflip image generators but not marked as "private", the image link will still be publicly accessible meaning anyone who knows the link can access the image. Images not submitted to the Imgflip community are unlikely to be publicly listed anywhere on Imgflip unless they receive a high number of views, which are indicative of virality on a social network. You can create images that are totally private by checking the "private" checkbox during creation, but you will not be able to share links to these images. If you are logged in, you can instantly delete any images you create. If you are not logged in, images you create will be automatically deleted after a period of time if they receive very little activity, or you can request their deletion. If you want to remain anonymous while logged in, you can create images with "Anonymous" checked and your username will not be shown in association with the image.


Imgflip may use third party advertising companies to serve ads on some pages that you visit while using this website. While you browse this website, these companies may use non-personally identifiable information such as click stream data, browser type, time and date, and data about the subject matter you interact with, in order to provide you with more interesting ads. To learn more about behavioral advertising or to learn how to opt out of this type of advertising, visit

When you use our website, we share information that your web browser sends us, such as your IP address or information about your browser or operating system, with our partner/service provider, LiveRamp Inc. LiveRamp returns an online identification code that we may store in our first-party cookie for our use in online and cross-channel advertising and it may be shared with advertising companies to enable interest-based and targeted advertising. To opt out of this use, please click here:

All or partial advertising on this Website or App is managed by Playwire LLC. If Playwire publisher advertising services are used, Playwire LLC may collect and use certain aggregated and anonymized data for advertising purposes. To learn more about the types of data collected, how data is used and your choices as a user, please visit


Imgflip uses a small number of session and other first party cookies that directly provide features such as UI preferences on the Imgflip website. These can be cleared at any time using your browser settings, and can be further avoided by using your browser's incognito or private browsing mode. Our third party services below may also use cookies, and you can visit their websites to see how they use cookies and how you can control them.

Third Party Services

We use Google Analytics on all our pages and Google Adsense on pages that contain ads. Ads can be disabled on all pages by using Imgflip Pro. We also use Stripe and Paypal as payment processors, but they are only invoked if you subscribe or interact with Imgflip Pro pages or dialogs.