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Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone.
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not just him, all liberals

not just him, all liberals |  The rights of americans | image tagged in memes,the scroll of truth,liberals,constitution,politics | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
118 views, 7 upvotes

Fight back

Fight back |  IT JUST TAKES ONE PERSON TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE; DO NOT COMPLY | image tagged in fight,biden,joe biden,democrats,rino,constitution | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
by K_d
409 views, 27 upvotes
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197 views, 16 upvotes, 6 comments


259 views, 15 upvotes

That's why he made Nancy do it

741 views, 57 upvotes, 8 comments

Make Way for the Executive Juggernaut

142 views, 9 upvotes, 1 comment

Get Out

392 views, 35 upvotes, 4 comments

Emergency actions

1,495 views, 89 upvotes, 12 comments
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