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Cowboy wisdom, men will always be needed and valued. in conservatives
1 up, 2h
Yes, upvote! Men are needed and valued (just less so in the current atmosphere of liberal women and SJW men & women). Long live men....I don't know what women would do without you guys!
The Left Is So Confused, They Can't Even Answer The Question . . . . in politics
0 ups, 2h
Trans have rights.....MORE rights than heterosexuals. The military PAYING for trans operations? PULEASE, absolutely ridiculous! I could go on but am busy. If folks would stop getting so offended at everything and live their lives without so much drama, we would all be better off.

Of course, I am always nice to everyone. Having said that, the trans people have seriously set themselves back with their 'agenda' and also their library interaction w/ children. That is the TRUTH.
More Leftist Logic in politics
0 ups, 4h
More truth!
More Leftist Logic in politics
1 up, 4h
Always thinking, feller! Another example of "Leftist Logic"!
More Leftist Logic in politics
0 ups, 4h
Yes, Craig, exactly! He must be stopped so their Deep State will be allowed to flourish. Trump is the one man for the job! Great meme...