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HCQ truth surfaces... in COVID_Truth
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In the meantime, countries in Equatorial Africa, where HCQ is widely taken to prevent malaria and Ivermectin is widely taken to combat the river blindness parasite, have experienced extremely low covid deaths/100M population.
We need more conspiracy theories, almost out. in Real_Politics
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Yes. HCQ was the miracle drug Trump referred to. early in 2020. Fauci dismissed it and shut it down. It seems Fauci wanted a pandemic. Also, the vax could not be rolled out on an EUA as long as HCQ was a treatment option.

How much was Fauci paid in royalties related to the vax?
HCQ truth surfaces... in COVID_Truth
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Here is the research from 2005. I have posted this link on imgflip since 2020. HCQ was shown effective against SARS. At least read the conclusion.

Bring back the Nuremberg Court and try Fauci for crimes against humanity.
Plain and simple. in politics
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