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Waiting for Selfie!
Nothing wrong with uploading, its encouraged! I'm just referring to the fact that the text on this image wasn't added via imgflip. Did you add it yourself on your computer or did you find it on the internet already captioned? The latter is mainly what we discourage.
Waiting for Selfie!
We don't have that many rules for submitted images, but one of them is to only post content created on Imgflip. Please caption your images on Imgflip next time.
Being the owner of a popular entertainment website
Who said GuineaPigs4ever was banned? No such thing has happened.
I can't stop laughing XD
If you made it on another site, then you can share it on that site. You'll notice Imgflip does not have an "upload image" button, and that is deliberate. By uploading an image through the meme generator without captioning it, you are circumventing our system, which is not appreciated.
I can't stop laughing XD
This is not your work. Do not submit captioned images from other websites. This is a site for creating images, not reposting images.