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I am The Simplifier. ooooo look, emojis in taglines 🐢🐢 💩💩
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Just asking. Not like I'm going to or have done it. in imgflip
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You're welcome to use bans in your own stream however you choose. It would only be justifiable for sitewide mods to override a ban on themself if they needed to make a public statement regarding sitewide rules.
Frozen Squidward in imgflip
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This is the type of thing that you should report to us immediately with the feedback button so we can fix it quickly!

Should be fixed now.
F1Fan Announcement Template in imgflip
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If you delete your account then yes, you can always create another account with the same email.
Darmug's announcement template in imgflip
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ha, who's going to punish them?

Our punishment occurs when you decide to leave the site or tell your friends you don't like it. Our goal is for all of our users to have as good an experience as possible, so we try to listen to any problems or ideas people have to make the experience better. Please let us know if there's something specific we can do that will make your experience better :)
F1Fan Announcement Template in imgflip
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Because Imgflip isn't meant to allow multiple accounts - we only allow them because they're hard to enforce and it allows for more flexibility in some cases. It SHOULD be a little more of a pain in the butt to create an additional account, including creating a working email and verifying it.