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Butterfly Effect has a big effect on the... in fun
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If you continue posting things against our terms of service, your account will be deleted.

Please also be sure to mark your other images NSFW if they contain mature content.
NSFW? This ain't NSFW! in fun
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It's because one of the tags on the image, in both cases, uses the word f**k
and in the comments, it's asterisked! what the hell! in imgflip
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thanks, this should be fixed now
Google Searches Related To Search Bar Autocorrection in imgflip
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Where would you add related images?
Anonymous is not against the imgflip rules. Some people just want to post memes without all the debate. Some people have to work in imgflip
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This is indeed a setting that should not be modifiable by stream moderators or owners, because it has to do with privacy. We will make a change to fix it.

We do think it's reasonable for moderators to control whether users can post anonymously in their stream or not, but this can still be controlled without exposing which user attempted to post anonymously.