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I am The Simplifier. ooooo look, emojis in taglines 🐢🐢 💩💩
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Why tho in imgflip
4 ups, 1m
Our ad provider failed to use the correct setting for a brief period, sorry about that. We do not intend to have ads that obtrusive.
IT MAKES NO SENSE in imgflip
4 ups, 2m
Hot is per-stream. It just means it has more upvotes in a shorter time than the other stuff in that stream.
From what I've seen it affects <h2> elements in imgflip
1 up, 2m
that makes me think it's an operating system issue, do you have a special font setting in windows?
From what I've seen it affects <h2> elements in imgflip
2 ups, 2m
You probably have a special font installed or a custom font setting enabled in your browser. Definitely shouldn't look like that.