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Creepy Condescending Wonka
We automatically feature imgflip images that get popular on Reddit (only certain subreddits), that's why they show up. The Imgflip homepage is meant to show the most awesome images that people are creating on Imgflip, and when an image gets a lot of upvotes on Reddit, a site with very well-established voting system, it's a pretty good indication that the image is high quality. We agree that images about reddit-specific things do not belong on the Imgflip homepage, but it's hard to automatically filter them out. So just continue to downvote them away from the homepage ;)
My guess is a moderator did not approve this because it's merely stating a subjective opinion and hoping to get upvotes because people agree with it. As far as we're concerned, we don't care what opinions you hold (as long as they're legal etc.), but we're actively trying to feature images that are creative/interesting/funny/new/etc, as described in the submission guidelines. This opinion has been stated billions of times on each side of the argument, and each side will continue to just say "no you're wrong" to the other side, and it's just not the type of thing we want on Imgflip. There are plenty of places you can find on the internet to have a raging debate about politics or religion, and some of that will certainly happen on Imgflip, but we're not actively trying to make it happen.
Social Media on Thanksgiving
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Brian Williams Was There 3
I was wondering who fixed everything.
Social Media on Thanksgiving
To my knowledge, no email addresses were accessed except for the users whose accounts were accessed directly by someone logging into them.