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you wentch you jinxed the team and they lost! in sports
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The Reasons Clarence White Summer of 1967 in Music
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In the summer of 1967, Clarence joined The Reasons full-time, giving him a nightly forum to experiment on guitar in front of paying audiences. In addition to their residency at the Jack Of Diamonds in Palmdale, The Reasons played the entire southern California honky-tonk circuit, including The Palomino and Checkers Club in North Hollywood and The Aces Club and Nashville West in El Monte, then a rural enclave about 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.
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Clarence White Guitar in AwesomeMusic
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Not much was happening as far as making big money in bluegrass music and Clarence realized it was time to learn the electric guitar It didn't take long for him as he was already the best in bluegrass a total badass if I may say!!
.... Clarence’s career actually begins midstream, in late 1965, as the Colonels are disbanding and he’s discovering the joys of the Fender Telecaster. What followed over the next few years was an astounding process of reinvention, in which Clarence created a totally unique style of playing electric guitar, as revolutionary within the context of country and rock as his acoustic style was in the context of bluegrass.
Clarence White Guitar in AwesomeMusic
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