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Creepy, strange, lame, destructive, nihilistic and gruesome. That's the spirit.
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Ayo? in Dark_humour
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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And that was his first real battle with gravity
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I was on this right away back then
Untitled Image in depression_much
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I can't concentrate on the past, nor the future anyway. Within a month things fade away. But I can't find reliable but available ways of doing it, so I'm in limbo. Thanks anyway.
Untitled Image in depression_much
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Super slide :D Yeah my life is important to people. I just want my tension headache to go way. Chronic for 6 years. I can't do anything meaningful without getting f**ked within 20 min. Even though I'm in that lucky position that I can make meaning happen pretty fast.