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I don't understand in imgflip
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Fonts folder is often buried in system files. I recommend conducting a web search along the lines of "chromebook fonts folder" to determine its location.
I don't understand in imgflip
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The easiest way is to save fonts from the web to your computer's default fonts folder. When creating memes, click the gear icon next to a text box, click the font dropdown menu and click show more fonts; from there you should see all fonts saved in that default folder and can use them on your memes.
Lisa Simpson's Presentation in imgflip
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Make sure you check your Spam folder; if the email is not located there, try requesting a new one from
bluehonu's artist temp in imgflip
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Please send a message detailing the incident to [email protected] be a bug!
Blank White Template in imgflip
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From, click on an image and look for the red "Delete Image" button