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A place for good ol' fun content that appeals to everyone! Humor, memes, gifs, and kittens are all welcome here. Reposts and politics are not welcome (try "repost" or "politics" instead).
Digital gaming discussion; PC, Mac, Console, iOS, Android... anything with a CPU that can play games!
Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone.
ANY MEMES, ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, AND UNLIMITED POSTS! ALL MEMES ARE ALLOWED! Reposts, dank memes, political memes, gaming memes, you name it! (But please refrain from nudity or harassment memes) Bullying will not be accepted, treat everyone with respect. Creator: Impostor
Basically just a place for kids on imgflip to look at other memes from kids and have fun.
For recycled content from elsewhere on the internet. The place where it's acceptable to copy and paste other people's creativity and claim it as your own.
Everyone knows cats rule the internet. Show your fealty by posting them here. Kittens are welcome too.
Dark humour everywhere! That makes me laugh. And I know the Sayori hanging memes are overrated but. Still it don't we can get her to hang in there. So... I guess Yuri needs to cut it. But Yuno must have killed the jokes now.... Because I'm not gonna say anything else.
Anime, Manga, Hentai, and fan art pics are all allowed here. Let out your inner weeb and post anime stuff here (reposts are allowed)! Anything in the Japanese language is allowed subject to the Imgflip policies. Feel free to provide the Sauce to your memes. All lewds posted are moderated by the LewdLice (no nudity, mark all lewds as NSFW). No anti-anime images, please. Owners: Jer-sama and DJ.Corviknight
Memes generated by the AI meme generator at https://imgflip.com/ai-meme. For those wondering: Meta memes are allowed, but the main focus of this stream is the actual memes of the generator.
This stream is for the group, please do not think otherwise. No changing the description to dirty stuff or you will be found dead in 1 of 10 malls and you will never find a shiny pokémon ever and charles will crash his helicopter on you and master chief will shoot you to death. EN TARO ASDFPERSON135
*•.¸♡ α ѕтяєαм fσя єитєятαíимєит. íт'ѕ fσя тнσѕє ωнσ ρяєfєя тнє σℓ∂ íмgfℓíρ. чσυ нανє 3 ѕυвмíѕѕíσиѕ ∂αíℓч. αичтнíиg íѕ αℓℓσωє∂ єх¢єρт ρσяи. ρℓєαѕє яємємвєя тσ fσℓℓσω ιмgfℓιρ'ѕ тєямѕ σf υѕє. ℓєт'ѕ мαкє тнíѕ σиє σf тнє вєѕт ѕтяєαмѕ σи íмgfℓíρ тσgєтнєя ♡¸.•*
We can all play Among Us together, talk strategy, and make memes about it! Cromies and Impastas. Original Owners: Nicø and Robotboy.Check in frequently to see if we're playing together! 348 IMPASTAS AND CROMIES HOLY SH*T!
Submit any custom templates that you created. However, if you want to caption the templates, I recommend posting those memes on other streams so more users can see the templates, or you can post comments on a template image to re-caption it, so you can make examples. Don't post anything that you didn't upload as a template for public use. Please customize default text positions, text fonts, and the like. This stream is now ran by Wave_The_Knockoff_Olly (and The OG owner)
The meme stream where (almost) everyone is a mod! Please make sure to review our community rules and other information here before participating: https://imgflip.com/i/4a2zlq Theme Weekend information and suggestion box: https://imgflip.com/i/4aw6li Next weekend theme: Teddy Roosevelt, a Captain_Scar event
Since the politics stream is basically a place for conservative (liberal bashing) memes, this is the opposite. Liberal (Conservative bashing) memes. Triggered Snowflake Rightist memes and comments will be tolerated until they aren't so don't come here if you think this is your "free speech" zone to spew right wing bullshit.
Welcome to the OCs stream! Post your Original Characters here. Rules: 1) No Gacha, there is a seperate stream for that. 2) Do not complain about recolors, they're completely legal. 3) Please don't repost. 4) No wars. Just no. 5) This stream is pure OCs, QnAs, & OC art. Please direct all OC memes to the Oc_memez stream. 6) No Ultimate Boi. 7) No gore. (I'm looking at you Bloo) Have a great day. [Current Theme: I have no idea]
Home base of the Anti-Tiktok army. We have presumably won the tiktok war, and now, we party! spam https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/pe1ADAh39y5GOnregEhvx1_LeAnUPcU_6q3MKz8HzaY/https/media.discordapp.net/attachments/664248473868173355/747966525251518535/ezgif.com-video-to-gif_5.gif
The meta stream! Discussion and ideas about Imgflip. Feel free to make suggestions here.
pictures of stuff that was not made correctly
A lot of people don't get Undertale Humor. Those who do can post here for others. Also, feel free to post Deltarune memes and Undertale AU memes. There are unlimited posts! If you want to be a moderator, you can just ask! Owner: (SheepyHedgehog) (I'm here if you need anything -Jaiden) (we're casually got 3 owners now XD -Basic cat/UwU_OwO_Moneko_OwO_UwU) (XD -Jaiden) (Hello its me -paint3dtale just call me paint)
Share drawings or just make a themed drawing contest... Anyone can. Also, Only upvote each others memes, don't downvote
Submissions must be reactions from people, animals, or anthropomorphisms. Titles should include an example reaction e.g. "when it snows in april".
Comics. Any kind. Can be funny to scientific. No political cartoons. We aren't boomers. Can be repost. Made by TheAngryFish.
Warning: Manly Content for Weebs and 9 Year olds only
Memes and gifs about athletic excellence. Or lack of excellence...
The smash community stream! Post tier lists or funny DLC ideas. Custom movesets or Stage ideas. Character reveal memes or funny clips. Comics or Joins the battle memes, Anything about Smash Ultimate! (64, Melee, Brawl, & Sm4sh are allowed too) {Rules: 1) Only Smash Content is allowed in here. 2) Respect others' opinions. 3) Do not brag about your gaming skills. 4) No complaining about the lack of Smash announcements. 5) No reposts (Lookin at you Brett & Ness)} Smash that follow button!
Post fake switch games here ----->DS and Playstation games are allowed here too,<-------- Rules: No nudity on the cover and no cussing in the title, if so mark NSFW, Bullying and trolling will not be tolerated here.(Code of Conduct: https://imgflip.com/i/3b70l7) [Apply for the Switch Wars: DED] ---- [Weekly theme: Spooktober ] Ban List: https://imgflip.com/i/4jhqn8 -->NO TROLLING <-
Make memes about your ocs, even though no ones going to understand them. No spamming, heavy trolling, or your toxic bullcrap. Owner: Wave, Co Owner: Frozetta Weekly theme: Tests! Also we have a discord now: https://discord.gg/anb4j9Q (Friends get mod, don’t try to force me to) Tag your OCs and I’ll take you to https://imgflip.com/i/4ae9uh Be toxic = lose mod/posting abilities Ban list: https://imgflip.com/i/4hv99w
The all stream is back! Same rules as the old one like 3 submissions and its a mix of streams. Also, any type of memes and gifs are welcome and NSFW must be marked. Lets make this stream a popular one! Owner: Frosty. Co-Owner: Neo.
Make memes and beg for upvotes. Also a great way to get points! Also please no nudity
The LGBTQ+ Stream! Anything dealing with the LGBTQ+ Community is allowed in this stream. Make them as gay as you wish! Yes, we have rainbows. Please don't discriminate against anyone, we don't take discrimination lightly here. All LGBTQ+ members (or straight supporters) are welcome to follow the stream. Show off your support (and come out of the closet if you wish!)
Memes posing questions to encourage MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION that really gets the wheels turning and engages everyone. Can be anything about truth, religion, philosophy, ethics, the arts, science, history and other deeper topics, can also be fun brain teasers, riddles. No nudity/ profanity. Only respectful political convos, try the other think tanks for ?'s about imgflip/video games/TV/ movies. Trolling, disrespectful and irrelevant comments will be deleted. Please stay on topic when commenting.
Smg4 memes go here! You can submit any memes as many as you want. Also, whoever that submits memes to our stream when available gets to be a mod! But if you're on the stream but don't submit memes, bye bye mod! (You Don't Have to submit if you're not available) (Don't Ask for Mod, Earn it, also don't copy people - The-One) Real Owner: PlasmaMistExorcistKABOOM-Meme. (Rest in peace my dear friend Dany and OOF_FOO...- Your_Very_Local_Idiotic_Stranger & The-One) please don't spam btw.
Dogs are loyal defenders of the realm. They deserve praise and treats. Show your love by posting your best dog related creations.
a place where anyone can post their favorite star wars memes may the force be with you. (under new management)
Were you trying to spice up your vocabulary? Stumbled across an unique insult to another user? Then this stream is the one for you, just like the subreddit! Please scribble out any other names in your image for privacy (except if you get permission from every user in the screenshot and/or it is from a different site) also no swearing please (unless it is in the roast). Thank you everyone for 258 followers
Have you seen any dark or just plain old weird comments on imgflip? If so, we have a stream for you. The stream that is based on the hit r/cursedcomments subreddit! Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/v4Ypvsf
For all of you who are bored to DEATH. Start conversations here. Unlimited posts. Mark all NSFW.
Hi! This stream is intended to role play people as presidents. Every 2 months we will elect a president who will mod the stream. Current president: anonymously.deleted. Start of next election cycle:?. Start of vote: ?. The president will be made president on ?. Owner: halfwhitmemes. Mudslinging is now outlawed, if you do it it will get deleted.
*Comment farming will no longer be allowed due to the fact it goes against IMGflips terms of service, memes that comment farm will have their comments turned off* Post memes to get points, you can post unlimited memes, no NSFW or toxic comments, This is a points farm not a war platform. If you use this stream make sure to upvote other peoples memes. Thank you and have a nice day
Make memes about hating tik toks. No nudity please, along with no swearing. Let me know if you want to be moderator. Owners are LewisMcKinlay, LaceyRobbins1, asdfperson135, The_Cursed_Trainwatcher, and YaBoiKingAsgore. btw we won the war spam antitiktok memes
*Not updated. Information has been purged. Thank you for your patience. Remember to join our Discord!* We are letting people in, one at a time, please be patient, sorry for the inconvenience. -From Commander In Chief Church, Command of Defense Staff Trooper05 -Deputy Chief Trooper13 (Leave Of Absence)
A place to share photos you have taken yourself.. If you photographed it yourself, it's welcome here! No nudity or porn allowed! Show y'alls photographer side! (Stream owner 44colt and kewlew)
Welcome, you have found the Nintendo meme stream where anything Nintendo related can be posted. Cosplay, fan-art, crossovers, and funny memes are the many examples.
finally a stream for the depressed souls. unlimited posts. here you can post stuff that makes you cry, say oof, or maybe say OOOOOFFFFA! of course you can also post stuff about your life and stuff as well that's not so depressing! please, if you are having suicidal thoughts, please get help and do not mention it on this stream. also you must follow the imgflip terms of service. created by DylanH15. if you'd like to be a mod, lmk!
Just everyone who likes the Harry Potter series. Reposts are allowed but you have to post a link or something to the original in the comments
It's self-explanatory. Please don't make NSFW memes, but if you can't resist then mark it. Fowndur: Pirate_melon_ reemembur hur.
Post anything related to pokemon, no NSFW please, you can do roleplays if you want, My team is, charizard, dragonite, zeraora, mew, genesect and darkrai, feel free to share your team Owner and person whos team is on this description: ZeroTheHeroYT
So far the juice cleanse is going pretty good.
A stream about me, Memenade. Feel free to post any memes related to me or just plain memes! Please, no nudity or any activity that violates the Imgflip Terms Of Use. Founder: Memenade Co-Founder: Trooper05 Head Moderator: Ship-Shap Head Administrator: (Pending) Posts Supervisor: CabinetMember_Fish: 100 have joined so why shouldn't you?
how many of you like roleplays I know I do. on this stream you can make any Role play you want. a pokemon role play. (which is what this made for [mainly]) legend of zelda role play. sword art roleplay. heck you could even do umm... not safe for work roleplays. (please dont.) but you can. so please I encourage you to have fun. and stay in character.
A place to post your conservative/libertarian ideals and leftist hypocrisies. Feel free to submit your spicy conservative memes here, we love that edgy stuff here! Now let's Make America Great Again!
Memes about superheroes and Villians. Make the memes funny or serious just have fun. Reposts are welcome as long as they are comic book characters.
For people like me who want an Imgflip family of their own.(See Imgflip Family)Shipping imgflippers is encouraged. In fact, ship anyone! Owned by Nicø and anonymously.deleted 152 FOLLOWERS!!! Hey, are you a pilot? cUZ IMMA HIJACK YOUR PLANE! ~del, 2020
For people who hate upvote begging. Just don't harass anyone. Also if you post in this stream alot then you might become moderator
Hahahaha! Fuck you I-Sold-My-Kid-On-Ebay!!!!
For people who can type ḽ̷̢͚̌i̵̜̐̉͜k̴̞͇̦̭̊̈̒̎͒̈́̈́̇̕͘ē̷͇̝ ̶̺͍̠͛͌̾͘͘̕t̸̢̧̨̝̹̬͚̮̝̫͐͐͗̂̒͐͐h̸̩͖̗͖̫̥͑̽͋̍̋͝î̶̫̜̈́̈́̒͆̚ś̷̤̝̩̱̹͔́̑̈́ CURSED TEXT GENERATOR-https://lingojam.com/ZalgoText| APPLY TO BE A MOD HERE--> https://imgflip.com/i/4ibqxs (For those wondering, your posts don't have to be Zalgo related, it is recommended, you can still post cursed images.)
For the teens to ask any and all questions. On whatever topic you want. Questions that don't belong in the main Think Tank can go here! Keep everything within TOS. Please no roleplays here. Keep it SFW, thanks. 3 posts a day. Profanity and bullying of anyone will not be tolerated.
Since the main lgbtq+ stream has become a lot of hate, I made this stream! Post basically anything you would post on there, but no hate. Ask questions, or just make lgbtq memes. All credit for the idea goes to picconia tho, it was their idea. Just no hate and have fun! Remember, this stream is meant to be safe for everyone so no discrimanating against anyone. Make this stream really gay. LOTS OF RAINBOWS!
Welcome to the Furries stream! Feel free to post furry art, cool fursuits, and whatever else is a furry! (Just make sure NSFW is marked when need be.) Anything not furry related will not be posted. No anti-furry posts. No politics. Owner's: Maple_Husky. oOnionRingsWR1. dev-memes2.0. Luna_the_pansexual_furry. lockout57. Axle_Curtis IMPORTANT: if you are going to post a face pic at least put a furry in the corner of the image, same goes for images with just words thx!
This is a stream for sharing memes, links, suggestions and opinions about music. Rules: 1. Try to be respectful. 2. No rap crap, if it's 80's or 90's and has some talent associated with it, that's fine. 3. Try to put some effort into your memes. 4. If you play an instrument, by all means share with us. 5. Have fun and share your favorite artists from today and going back to Bach.
A place to keep up to date with all the latest news from Imgflip, new features, new users, new streams etc. Disrespectful comments and spam will be deleted.
R.I.P. asdf. Go in peace, my friend. Go in peace.
Every Wednesday, I'll post a meme template that I want you guys to put your own caption on. Throughout the following week, each of you may post up to 3 memes with that template in this stream. Winner will be announced the following Tuesday. Reward will be an upvote on the winner's last 20 SFW memes. Winner will be determined by a factor of humor, originality, and number of upvotes. NSFW, political, and OC memes will be disqualified. Let me (Aelfwine) know if anything else needs explaining.
Memes about heavy metal, black metal, thrash metal, doom metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, death metal, grindcore, goregrind/pornogrind, deathcore, metalcore, industrial metal, power metal, speed metal, nu metal, folk metal, alternative metal, Gothic metal, symphonic metal, ... need I say more?
Welcome to the crab cult! The high crabs are JadeTheCrabHighPriest, FluffCrab, and OffcialCrabKing!! Put #ALLHAILCRABS in your tagline to show your support!
Welcome to ImgflipSings! A place where your can post your favorite song and we "Sing" the lyrics in the comments. A great place to get points and enjoy the community, big thanks to Memegamer3 for the idea, all credit goes to him! All genres welcome, please no NSFW. 100 people have followed, why not join in?
This is the stream for all the rap fans out there. Enough said. And ask if you want mod, but you must be a TRUE fan, Owners- Trooper05-Cheif-Of-Defense-Staff, Ship-Shap. Quotes from rappers, lyrics, discussions and original lyrics are allowed.
Cereals that are just way beyond our understanding. Reposts are allowed in this stream. Weird-cereal lovers, eat your heart out!
EverythingStonksFace is a stream were you post well, anything with the stonks face guy thing! . No nudity, swearing, or anything bad. Posts are UNLIMITED! Enjoy! Owner is kewlew.
Violets are blue... yeah, yeah, you know what to do. Post your funniest roses are red poems here! Be sure to follow community guidelines, and mark NSFW if necessary. This stream was created by MEM3_LORD.
Anything that has to do with camp halfblood is welcome here, it can be anything from Poseidon puns to big 7 scenarios and roleplay! The amount of Heros of Olympus memes are pretty DAM low. Do you sea what I did there? No? Are you shore? Hahaha please mark NSFW images NSFW, but also please no NSFW images, we dont want to ruin any childhoods. Owner: That_baseball_Nightmare. Mods: Dovin_baan_22, sunflowerskies, Killer-Borderline_Psychotic, StickFigureOfTheMemes, and ombre_psycho.
Memes. The Memal Frontier. These are the images of the Star Trek Memestream. Its ongoing mission is to seek out new fresh memes. Memes of yesterday, today and tomorrow. To boldy meme how no one has memed before.
this a stream for all memes. if its NSFW then mark it. no porn. but yeah basically just post memes. you have infinite posts per day. the owner is chaster_mief. the mods are the-Real-Homer-Simpson, trooper27-912squadron, spooky_Creeper, mowkat, supericehandler, satanic_ninja. we are no longer accepting mods. please be nice.
It's the ImgflipCity! We have links to the streams of places, and we also have people's houses. Come on and join us! (All images must be places or they will not be featured) Every month a mayor will be elected and said mayor will be a mod for the month. Mayoral elections will take place in alignment with presidential elections. See IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS stream for more info. Stream Owners: The_Cursed_Trainwatcher, anonymously.deleted, Puppylover04. Current mayor: [none]
Post anything Creepypasta related, memes, vines oc’s you get the point. Liu woods is best boi~❤️ https://youtu.be/1wITPiaM2ks Watch this, it’s freaking hysterical especially the Jeff one at like 2:50
You like ask blogs? Deviants don’t ever respond? Come here!! (Unlimited posts) owners: GameCatGD, Spire, And ZeroTheHeroYT. New rule: JeffreyStone is no longer allowed on here
Welcome to the Wario Dies stream. The stream where we can kill Wario non stop! before Wario’s death can begin, let’s go with some rules, no nudity, no toxicness, the memes supposed to have “Wario “something” mp3” in the title to make its accurate and make sure there’s no survival for this yellow plumber freak. Have fun and OH MY GOD, WAAAA- (owner:Dannyhogan200)
THE````````````````````````````````````````````````````` what?- Mochi Wot ~del just THE```````````````````````````````````````````````` YO WHATS GOIN ON ~del The``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
Are you Hungry, well you better not be because in this stream you will see loads of food! In this stream it is away from the fun and laughing, it's closer to mouths and bellies, and a bit of laughing too lol!
This is a stream where you can put templates you have made on here for everyone to use and share! All templates will be published immediately and unlimited posts! For every template you put, at least one person will use it in a meme. Plz only put templates you wish for everyone to use :) Creator: Isaac_Laugh
Silences for our deleted account friends. Memorials for our cats and dogs and other pets. Memorials for anything or anyone. Or just a place to randomly make memes gravestone related! Reposts are ok. And no attacking others or your comment is removed. Meme if an unknown person you know has disappeared. Have a good day and to our friends still alive stay alive, and to us people dead inside that’s ok too.
This is a stream of Pokémon lore and Pokédex irony. The lords that you can talk about are arceus, mew, omastar(lord helix), and magikarp. You can talk about any other Pokémon type, dex entries, Pokéball, anything Pokémon related. Before you meme here, you need to make your pokedex entry. It's mandatory. just search it up and PLEASE make some pokemon memes! plz
This is for anyone that needs a boost of kindness, and a secure place to be in. Just post something kind about someone, share a kind quote, etc. No NSFW. Unlimited amount of posts. Please, if a moderator plans to rename an image, ask the image owner if it is okay, otherwise it goes against what this stream stands for. Created by @izebrarose9.
Imgflip government, we elect presidents, congress, etc, Except more professional and no homophobia, racism, sexism allowed in this stream, owner Ship-Shap, Mudslinging is allowed, but too much sliding towards the harassment level will be dissaproved, we are just getting things ready for now. Constitutional Convention will take place after the U.S. Presidential election. Track latest news here: https://imgflip.com/i/4hiln7
Works like the fake switch games stream, but with movies! Credit to ACG for the idea! The rules from the fake switch games stream apply here, as well as no spamming or bullying! No nudity or cussing either. If so, mark NSFW. If you want to be a mod, just ask. Owner: dat_boi_sonictiger! and there's unlimited posts. Have fun!
This is the stream that was made for imgflip family marriages. Anyone who wishes for mod will be considered. Hire bridesmaids, best men, and officiators for the weddings. Keep an eye out for the weddings that are going to happen!
This stream is about me, Memegamer3! (Mega for short). Trooper code: 30. A lot of users have streams about them, so why not? No bullying or harassing in here. Home to my comic strip "Kirby Calamity". Currently #144 on the leaderboard. You can also post here, as long as it follows Imgflip's terms of service. That's basically it, so enjoy! (My best friends: Frost, Bloo, Wave, Artic, Spire) [Suicide Scale (1-10): 9]
Sick of echo-chambers? This stream aims to promote rational, civil, even-sided discussion and debate about politics. I don't care if you're right-wing, left-wing, republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, or libertarian, as long as you're willing to listen to what the other side has to say and conduct yourself in a civil manner, you're welcome here. Please conduct yourself with civility when debating others and refrain from harassment.
A place where people aged 13-17 can post memes and share with others Everything except sexual content and harassment,
Only the dankest of memes
Just spam memes to get points and post unwanted memes from comments and stuff and Unlimited posts
this is for all the people who love the horrors of doki doki! this stream is not safe for children or those who are easily disturbed, and remember! just monika!
Anything allowed that is halo such as bashing on 343, Halo 6 news, weird helmets, the Halo CE magnum being too overpowered, try hard six-year-olds going try hard, Red vs blue memes, and that feeling after completing a campaign on legendary, reposts allowed, NO PORN
Just like the subreddit r/woooosh. You can post anything here, like people who don’t get a joke, etc. You can scribble out names for privacy. Enjoy.
A stream dedicated to Trainwatcher! Spam is allowed. [Stream mods reserve the right to moderate any content]
This stream is for those Christians who want to have a community and a family on Imgflip. Please post clean memes. Please post no NSFW memes, memes with nudity, LGBTQ+ memes, and memes with profanity or swearing. Thank you. (If you are a MOD, Please respect others who are not.)
This stream is like the gateway to all the new streams. You can post links to your new stream, or look for interesting streams to follow. A great way to get points. Unlimited posts!
Get a load of Happy Tree Friends Pictures with Originals, Crossovers, Reposts, and more!!! Happy 20th Anniversary of HTF!!! (HTF Haters: EthanEnriquezDavis2020edition, catz314)
Firearm and 2nd Amendment friendly stream.
Honestly I was just sick of there not being a stream for us theater nerds. From Hamilton to Annie, anything about any musical is what this stream is for! Movie musicals have their place here as long as they're not Disney. You can also talk about your experiences in theater. Reposts off of other places on the internet (not Imgflip) are allowed. Have fun! No hating on other people. Owner- halfwhitmemes and anonymously.deleted and pEGGY
Foreign Language Memes are allowed here, subject to the Imgflip Terms of Use. Languages other than English are encouraged, but captions in English are not prohibited. In order for submissions to this stream to be reviewed and featured, all visible text in submitted creations must be captions added with the Imgflip generators. Are you multi-lingual? Want to help moderate this stream? Contact the stream owners, AndrewFinlayson or JeroenBroks
welcome to meme1000. a stream where everyone make memes and laugh. you could post as much memes you want to post. me and zacattacc made this.
Because theyre actually kinda funny sometimes.We accept puns and meme labels. Have fun, and be funny by not being funny. New update: no more anonymous posts, and limited to 5 posts per day. Now go out there and EARN THAT “YOU DON’T SAY” COMMENT!
Think of this sort of like a helpline or safe haven. Wars, racism, nudity, trolling, or conflict is not allowed here. Come here to talk about a problem, post personal stuff, or just to make memes without criticism. [Original owner: Imgflip_PeaceKeeper] Thanks and have a good day! (Sorry for any inconveniences).
For all the unsee memes that you can think of. Join please! Del is a mod, so if you can't find me, go to del. middle-school memers are welcome. No swearing otherwise you will be banned from adding memes! För alla unse memes som du kan tänka dig. Gå med snälla! Del kan vara en mod. gymnasieskolor är välkomna.Für alle nicht sichtbaren Meme, an die Sie denken können. Mach bitte mit! Del könnte ein Mod sein. Mittelschüler sind willkommen.
A stream all about My Little Pony. Feel free to post memes, gifs, etc (yes, even reposts), and have MLP related discussions. Pony shipping however takes place over here: https://imgflip.com/m/ponyshipping
CarWash, Chexas, Connish, Chaboose, Washinboose, Cabnut, Grimmons, Kimcker are all the best ships in RvB l don't forget sheipez-flamy
This stream is for political jokes in the US. We do not care what your affiliation. However, Please do not harass others who make a joke that does not conform to your own viewpoint. If you do not like something please comment without using deriding insult. Because If it's a funny joke it will be approved whatever its political leaning so please make sure your memes are funny to at least someone Looking for a few good mods who can see the funny side in jokes from opposing viewpoints to their own.
Those who do not meme history are bound to repeat it. Reposting is fine, as long as it is relevant to the stream. NSFW images must be marked as such, unlimited posts.
If you want your meme from a comment to be like any other meme, this is the place for you. Welcome to the Memes From Comments stream This is for memes from your comments only. The rules are simple. if it's NSFW, mark it please and No full nudity, and please tell us where your comment was from.
A place for some of the most cursed pictures of all... Just no cussing or ... bad... stuff. HAVE FUN ▓BetterFlip Verified Server ✓▓
It's a stream for anyone who wants to write poetry, its a personal passion of mine so I'm gonna share it with everyone here. Post poems that are yours, we'll all see whom the poem belongs to. But post only poems, and nothing but poems. And actually...I'll allow poetry and literature memes too.
For all those gifs or images that relax you or make you feel good. pls follow the stream rules or else you will be kicked! thx :) Stream Owner: imawinner
Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Shoutout of the week: Rei's rando irl friend Because Fuck yeah News: I'm throwing a Halloween Oc party, details coming out this weekend so stay tuned! In other news, I'm ending the discord server, it wasn't even supposed to exist
any memes are in dis stream ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,mmmmmm yea memes r great bro! yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
IT'S FINALLY HERE! IT'S SPOOKTOBER!!! Show your Halloween spirit by posting your spooky memes here! We also have unlimited posts for all our fellow spooky bois and spooky b!tches.
This is your home away from "fun". That doesn't mean we keep the fun away though! We're here to bring back some of the old school flavor of ImgFlip. This stream offers prolific creators another venue to upload daily content. Will honor most requests to become a mod. This is not primarily a political stream but politics will be allowed at the discretion of our many moderators. See what else I do at EGOS.live
Hey guys! Who wants mod? Rules: don’t be a dipshit. Actually be respectful to people. Oh, and don’t leave imgflip. Don’t forget to spam this stream, cuz it’s pretty dead anyways and I want it to come back to life. ▓BetterFlip Verified Server ✓▓
Anti-Humor and circle-jerking around the U.S. and politics. Criticisms and debates are discouraged; be deconstructive and harass everyone
are you crazy about movies? if so this stream is for you! here you can talk everything about movies, from what you just watched to what you wanna watch! now allowing tv show related content as well! unlimited posts! lemme know if you wanna moderate!
YoUvE MeT a TeRrIbLe FaTe HaVeN't YoU? XDDDDDDDDDDDD wHaT dO yOu mEaN -f g I dunno...XDD- Red Oki -fog De heck? -Emo Tf -Red Hey red what's with you and creepypastas-Creeper Yeah red suddenly became obsessed with creepy pastas -fg I like em, a LOT duh, lol idk...I liked em before...and I got interested in them again...-Red Ohhhhhhhhhh interesting-fg What is this description?- -Shiyu No idea -fg Lol- Mochi Lel -fg Lol -ebug
For Nicø.Feel free to ask me stuff, dare me, make fun of my God awful auto correct and anything else! Must pay 1 llama cheese to post here. IF I SEE ONE SPATULA IN HERE IM COMMITING SPATULA WRIST!
lets put our differences aside here you can post anything memes oh btw 01101000 01100001 01110000 01110000 01111001 00100000 01110011 01110000 01101111 01101111 01101011 01110100 01101111 01100010 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 01101111 01101110 01100101 put that in a binary to text converter, owners: memories_of_the_forbidden_one
If you like cursed images, then follow this stream! ơ̴͍̤͇͔̮̭̥͚͑̿̓r̷̡̡̥͙̣̫̙̫̗̝͛̇̈͘ ̸̛̜͖̥̯̹̙͚̳͗̎͐̒ͅe̷̢̹͍̞͂̄̉̍͛̈́̈́̎͘͝l̵̢͇̮̫̫̱̮̬̗̣̄̌͊s̷̛̻̗̣̦̥̝̤̣̻̆͋̇̈́̈̽̏̑è̴̛̛̩̞̕͠
Since there is already a politics stream for liberal (conservative bashing) memes, this is the opposite: conservative (liberal bashing) memes. You know, fair and balanced. We also exist as an alternative to the conservatives stream, which focuses only on American politics. We focus on world politics. Unrelated or inappropriate content will be removed. (Moderator: IncognitoGuy)
Stream for all things Kylie — memes, music video gifs, etc. — from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now. UPDATED TOS: Anti-Kylie viewpoints not allowed. There’s a stream for that: Believe it or not! (KylieFan_89 is on hiatus. Ish.)
ALL MEMBERS WILL GET MODERATOR if they put MHA at the end of their name. ALL OWNERS are encouraged to HAVE AN ANIME CHARACTER NAME
We all love these delicious, scrumptious sticks of a fatty substance, made by churning cream, finely smoothed in their own exotic ways. They can be used in cooking, as a popcorn coating, or you can eat em' raw while watching your favorite drama. They come from FNaF: Sister Location. Pay your tribute to these sticks we call Exotic Butters here in their own righteous stream. Posts are unlimited, cause Exotic Butters have no limits either. You're welcome. Thank you for selecting: Exotic Butters.
A place for good, fun memes-but most importantly, you get unlimited submissions! You can put anything here-repost, kittens, reaction gifs, politics, etc. Don't harrass anyone, and don't spam. Owned by Trainwatcher and AndrewFinlayson. Must have 10,000 points, and 30 days experience to post. No anonymous posts.
A stream for your Gacha Oc’s! Oc’s made with Gacha Club, Gacha life, or other Gacha games can go here! Ask or dares go in Ask_blogs. NO inappropriate characters. GACHA HAS ENOUGH HATE DO NOT ADD TO IT. If you have a problem with Gacha then don’t come to this stream. Owner: CrabHighPriest IF SOMEBODY IS BEING MEAN OR TOXIC FLAG THEM
★彡 α ѕтяєαм fσя єитєятαιимєит. уσυ нανє 3 ѕυвмιѕѕισиѕ ∂αιℓу. αиутнιиg ιѕ αℓℓσωє∂ єχ¢єρт ρσяи. ℓєт'ѕ нανє ѕσмє fυи 彡★
The new Imgflip! There's been too much hate on imgflip, so here's a fun stream alternative with less hate. Talk to one of the owners if you want MOD (hope for a yes, expect a no). Just have fun! YOU MUST FOLLOW THE IMGFLIP TOS AND STREAM RULES AT ALL TIMES. HATE IS NOT TOLERATED AND WILL BE REMOVED BY THE MODS. *UPVOTE BEGGING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED* Stream owners: Trainwatcher (Creator), Captain-Pirate-Nightlord, ImgFlip_Peacekeeper
Original content is what this stream is about. Original templates are a huge plus. Three memes daily. Anything is okay as long as it is Original. Stream Owner: SpursFanFromAround --- Stream Mods: orangemanbad, memedave, and Nixie.Knox.
This is just a stream for are weird brains to go wild!!! Post whatever!!!! (As long as it's weird) this is a judge free zone! Be yourselves! (LGBTQ+ obv allowed) Owners: YEETISBURG & -Lil_Mochi-
*growls in reaper leviathan* Post OC stories. Pretty self explanatory lol. (Yes gore is allowed) Everyone is welcome, but no toxic shiz or you will be banned. Owners: SpoopyDoYouWannaHaveABadTime, Spooky_Emo_dude. Try and keep the stream clean- mark NSFW content and have a great time!
Memes of wholesomeness that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and restore your faith in the world.
This is where you can post updates about mason owners: StxrryNxght._. , -Lil_Mochi- and Spoopify
Works like the subreddit, but it’s on imgflip and it can just be a song you like or a surreal meme
Since everyone is going to make streams about themselves, I might as well do that too. Just post some random memes in this stream (any memes will do). Don't forget to mark a meme as NSFW when necessary. Unlimited posts, do whatever you want as long as you don't cause drama. OG Owner: LaceyRobbins1 (if you want to be a moderator, let me know)
Metal Mania is for "ALL THINGS METAL" Unlimited Posting and No Approval Needed to post. Rock On!
The classic comics/cartoons made by American cartoonist Jim Davis! Come on around and hate on Mondays all you want!
Welcome to the Fake_YouTube_Videos stream everyone! This stream is also home to the Role-Play series, YouTube Worlds! Rules: please mark anything with Nudity as NSFW (Swear Words do not count). Any kind of Harassment (Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Trolling, etc) will not be tolerated here. Please try to refrain from causing any drama here. Owner: BlooberryPancake Ban List: dat_boi_sonictiger (AGAIN!), frenchpenguin.
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Tolkien fans welcome! #Freedom4Middle-EarthandBeleriand!! (P.S. In this stream we love to roast the horribleness of Harry Potter compared to LOTR) (If this stream is offensive don't join) Here are some criteria for posting memes and comments: no NSFW, no swearing or profanity, no LGBTQ+, no nudity, and no curse words. Thank you.
A stream where you can post whatever you want as long as there is NO-Racism, Politics, Hate, Or shaming. If you want to apply for Mod just hit me up on my Lastest image(Owner BOSSS_MAN15) (Co-owners- Whoever is Mod) Thx for Joining Happy Memeing.
Where all things related to Sega and their works go. Fanart, cosplay, comics, memes, gifs, and more are welcome here. (Sonic things are great here too)
If you hate Kylie Minogue, this is the stream for you! Any memes or comments displaying positivity towards the hack will be deleted. These are our views and any bigotry will NOT be tolerated. Having said that, this will be loosely followed depending on if someone in particular yaps too much. Push back is one thing, pure propaganda is another. We examine the FACTS about Minogue here. The sordid facts.
Memes for high schoolers or about high school and funny stuff like that.
▓BetterFlip Verified Server ✓▓ This stream was made for GirlOfRays. Say and post whatever as long as it doesn’t hurt her :) SIMP her and you’ll get your ass kicked -T33 // SOME PEOPLE LONG FOR A LIFE THATS SIMPLE AND PLANNED, TIED WITH A RIBBON, SOME PEOPLE WONT SAIL THE SEAS CUZ THEYRE SAFER ON LAND TO FOLLOW WOTS WRITTEN BUT IIIIIIIII FOLLOW YOU TO THE GREAT UNKNOWN OFFFFF TO A WOOORLD WE BOTH CALL HOME ~ del xD - ray >:D ~ del In the memory of GirlOfRays -fg Rip... -Spiré
Dude -_- a-weema-weh a-weema-weh a-weema-weh a-weema-weh
U like eevee good this stream is for u post ocs about evee post adorable memes about him Owner glaceons mods idk right now Rules be wholesome and don't be toxic Eveeluitons that are took Sylveon zero Glaceon Leafeon is leafeons Shiny Umbreon is frozetta Jolteon is blooberrypancake flareon is Artic_Creeper Espeon is content deleter Mods leafeons blooberrypancake frozetta
Celebrate in meme comments! Plan it here, then share img link! Any party is ok. Just gotta be appropriate or us MOD party poopers will swoop in and unfeature it... hoi ~del
You can post literally anything so have fun
This stream Is for christians on Imgflip, This Stream should be seen as a safe peaceful christan stream where christians can post any christan-related memes. The meme can be About christianity, a bible verse, a funny christian meme, a christian song, ect. No Bad words, Fights, Dirty jokes, NSFW, or anything dirty.
brawl star memes here post whatever you want here that is BRAWL STAR related no fortnite
This is a stream for the UnderTale AU, HELP_THEM, created by Basic_cat. If you want to be a mod, just ask. Oh, if you want to be a mod, just ask. Owners: RSapphireFilmsDoesUndertaleStuff, ILZ73114, boi_that_like_undertale, and WoofWoof2.
anything that involves Roblox and is a meme
Okay. Before you kill me for making this I just want to say something, if you don't like fnaf or the fandom then just leave the people in this stream alone. Now for the people who are still reading this, hello! This stream is all about fnaf (memes and stuff like that). There is some rules so please read and follow them before posting anything. The rules are simple. Rule 1.No cyber bullying others. Rule 2.No sexual content allowed. Rule 3.No online dating. Rule 4.Try to stay on topic. Have fun!
This is a stream for people that are depressed/suicidal if you ever feel like letting it out or just want to post something but dont except anyone to seek professional help (: You dont have to be depressed to post, but if you are good luck. Anyone can post, unlimited, and its ok to post whatever you want (Even suicidal thoughts, because the only other depression stream doesn't let you) Please dont be mean on here, there are plenty of other stream if you want to do that. (: Created by Iaintacamel
IF YOU KNOW ME AND UR FUNNY POST IN HERE! IF UR FUNNY WEIRD AND STRANGE THEN POST IN HERE! IF UR HAPPY, CRAZY, UNIQUE, AND UR MEMES ARE NOT ON FLEEK! IF UR KNOW ME AND UR FUNNY (or not) POST IN HERE! Ok this is a stream for MEEEEEEEEE puppylover04! I decided to be petty and make a stream ALL FOR MYSELF!!!!! Spread the word... I'm famous... JK!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just weird... Even if you don't know me, feel free to make an image to get to know me! Looking forward to seeing what everyone does!
I made a stream for myself because why not. Post whatever you want here, but NSFW is a big nono. I'm also new to making a stream so this another reason why I made this stream. Jaco bell.
This is a branch of the lolitary, except it regulates, not just loli's, but all innocence. no loli's can be lewded, along with Komi-san and other innocent beings of animu cuteness
We got Crab_Cult back so this stream is no longer needed please unfollow this stream so it can be deleted and if you haven’t already follow this stream: https://imgflip.com/m/Crab_Cult
MEMES_OVERLOAD was a huge success, so I thought, why not make one for Gifs only? So here I am. DON'T BE TOXIC. Owner - TrooperX-912Squadron (GodOfImgflip)
The collection of the world of Agretha (Ah-gree-tha) characters. Rp with any of them in their world and learn about the world, all characters on this stream can be rped with No matter how old meme. If you have Gacha Club and want an export code just ask (only for CrabHighPriest’s Oc’s) If you post one here make sure to do the standard format
I was dared to make this so here you go :l
Well I needed a law passed then thought it would be a good idea to have this just in case ya know
just post random crap here! (anyone can be moe here) reposts are okay as long as they're not originally from this stream.
An Imgflip hotel, duh, owners: GhostGirlOfBox5 and LaceyRobbins1
I need to post here a lot more since its my stream tbh-Ship-Shap
This is a stream to give shout outs, compliments, and mainly just to make people’s day better. No thanking people for giving you compliments unless they have been giving you a ton of compliments in a short amount of time. Owner: TheLastRemainingUsername Mods: kjoshua0316, halfwhitmemes, CAKE08, RocketcatM30W, Trooper35-squadron912Robotboy123 Note for the mods: please put the reason you didn't approve a users meme in the comment section of their meme.
If you love Marvel then here you go. A stream for the amazing and exiting world of superhereoes. Have fun! One last thing, no cursing plz!
The name is pretty self explanatory, but, Battle Cats! A stream for fans of that tower defense game of cats that take over the world, made by PONOS. OCs and jokes are fine, just keep it SFW. Also, you can ask for advice on this stream for whatever reason you'd want to. (Owner: paint3dtale, and moneko/basic cat)
Everyone be making their own stream, so should I make one, why the f*** not, This is it *note this is not the TrooperBrothers* I am engaged to Stellar_Memes, so don’t even try it with me Also, we don’t like Fortnite that much, mostly not at all here, so don’t say it’s great around me here please t o n k lol ha
Hi! This is is a stream where you can tell the story of your life. You don't have to have pains or sorrows in your life to tell one. It can be a happy story or a sad one. Just no negative comments please. Ask del if you want to be a owner/mod.
Since literally everyone made a stream about themselves, I decided to yeetus deletus a unpopular stream of mine and make my own stream. Who gives a crap about what goes here? Just as long as your content isn't inappropriate or offensive, you're free to go! Shout out user of the day:
A place to discuss historical and alternate historical events from the start of civilization to today.
This is a stream for Captain_scar. First image MUST be a Furret, I got black I got white what you want, tank, or meme man unless you're a rule-breaker like Captain_Scar. This stream is pretty rodent!
Memes for classroom rules, student behaviour, or teacher humour
An alternate fake switch game world with the same rules as the Fake_Switch_Games stream and spamming is not allowed, neither is bullying! Welp, have a good day!
I only feel pain, sadness, anger, no happiness (account deletion chance scale: 100000)
The Stream For Anything That Makes You Go Aww.
This is the place for all things from the SCP Foundation, wether it be memes, thoughts, or really just anything SCP! It’s all ok! Just label NSFW things NSFW.
For those who have Low-Rated Comments on each meme, Submit here with any screenshots and memes. Trolls and harassments are not allowed on comments here. Take a screenshot, and post a link also. Don't harass anyone about Low-Rated comments.
Just a stream about me, dat_boi_sonictiger! You can make memes about my OCs, memes, gifs, and just anything related or about me in general. Unlimited posts a day, but no NSFW memes are allowed in this stream. Also, please don't complain about my memes (I'm not naming any names) or bully other users. Other than that, enjoy!
This stream has been discontinued. Please un-follow
This is for any Mandalorian and Star Wars fans. We can spam Mandalorian memes, gifs, anything! As long as they are appropriate. No bad or inappropriate language plz. And no inappropriate content. This is a Christian Minecraft server. Well, Star Wars themed. Lol. Plz spam! Reposts are allowed at any time! Feel free to make as many memes a day as you want! Have fun! Who's excited for Season 2?? Creator: MyNameIsCalebIAmAPoet
This stream contains avatar the last Airbender and Legend of Korra memes, gifs, theories, and ships. Please refrain from name-calling, being rude to others about their opinions, shipping katara and Sokka, Zuko and Azula, or any other Alabama ships, avoid nudity. I want this environment to be safe and I want people to feel like they are understood online. Feel free to have respectful debates over theories. You get an unlimited amount of posts per day. Have fun and enjoy this content :).
Post those Zelda memes. By the way, if you’re Ganondorf, don’t click on any suspicious links! Ocarina of Time memes are best. For geeks only.
Here you can see all the beautiful masterpiece created by basic_cat (Psychocat new account name). The good and the bad, the used and the unused. Everyone can join in! Friends, families, strangers, Hater- wait hold on... WHO LET THE HATERS IN!!!!!
If the opinion is unpopular it's here, judgement-free zone(but if something is really stupid you can comment) Just kidding! owners: imabuffguff and Pirate_melon_
This steam is for the "Who would win" memes and other death battle images. Now, it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!! you can post images of 2 characters from any franchise, even OCs then post another image on who would win. Who would win memes are allowed here to. Please no trolling.
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away... I-Sold-My-Kid-On-Ebay becomes Emperor and anonymously.deleted becomes Darth Vader of the great Galactic Empire. All Star wars memes are allowed in this stream. Mark NSFW if needed. All stream followers are moderators. Have a great Star Wars filled day [insert evil laugh and lightsaber noises]
Have you seen some dark stuff put it here... Block icons if it will give the person away Creator: NaCl
This stream is for any kind of meme.One rule : NO NUDITY. Profanity allowed. very good way to get points.UNLIMITED POST.
From Bakugou raging, to us making memes about it. Oc’s are welcome, and make sure to keep things PG. Cussing is not allowed, Nsfw is not allowed without the tag and ect. - Losercandy
The stream for people who are battling panic attacks and/or anxiety. A supportive place where we can talk each other down if need be, vent our frustrations about panic and anxiety, or just hopefully laugh at our selves a little.
This is a stream I made dedicated to myself. Users on this stream can post just about anything. Unlimited posts!!! Just refrain from making harassment posts. If you want to be moderator on this stream, you can ask me and I will see what I can do. I might say yes or no. Me: sips tea Now, that's quite refreshing.
This is a stream where you can rant to me about ANYTHING(that is sfw)Owner: GhostGirlOfBox5, post an image and rant
This stream is just for photoshop and stuff like that Or you can just post funny pics a wat have ya. Any time there is a photoshop contest to be had you must tell a mod or me to set it up but if you're just doing a 1v1 battle or whatever there's no need only whole stream Comps well caint wait to see some great stuff.
doge memes are only allowed, i will delete any non doge memes.
Okay we all have a song in our heads that we just wanna open our mouths and just SING IT!!! well do it here. Whatever you want! Just keep that good vibe of m u s i c
In this stream, you can create pie charts or bar charts! This stream is country-or-flag-related, so only make pies or bars. Just make sure nothing has a swear word in it, or I won’t approve it. Have fun using your time with this many as much of posts! (*゚▽゚*) btw I got this idea from an image of Germany on a pie chart so I thought I would make this stream 8) (also this description sucks in my perspective as of 2020)
We strive for world domination....and penguins... This is a stream for the crazy children (or adults) of imgflip. We shall dominate imgflip with our crackheadedness! (Not literally, though.) Please be kind, don't start wars, and no NSFW images or comments please. And the most important rule; be yourself! Be crazy! Be silly! Don't be afraid about judgment here. This is a safe stream to let your physcopathicness run free! Thanks! ▓BetterFlip Verified Server ✓▓
Younger sister of Kylie Minogue and a great dance-pop artist and style icon in her own right. Post your Dannii Minogue memes, gifs, and other content here! (KylieFan_89 is on hiatus)
Tired of all the upvote beggars contaminating this otherwise beautiful website that is Imgflip? Well hop in and join on! On this stream, we have standards for what upvote begging is. We have a definition. You can ask me for it and I’ll give it to you. Our goal is to discourage upvote beggars from committing these crimes again. And we do that by confronting them in the comments and explaining why upvote begging is in fact a bad idea.
memes and gifs about how much 2020 sucks are what we're all about here XD. reposts are allowed but not 4 every post.
For all of the people out there who watch them! A fun place to just joke around, speculate who's going to get tagged next, and I'm especially welcoming the hand-drawn ones - ya know, just because.
This is a Stream For everyone who plays Minecraft, not just nine-year old's and (d)weebs you can only post in this stream if you actually play Minecraft and know what a soul torch is
Any memes are welcome here. I was really annoyed that I had to switch from hot to new, so I made my own fun stream. You have unlimited posts, please refrain from nudity, judgmental comments that are hurtful, and last but not least, all NSFW have to be marked NSFW
This is a free for all stream. You can post whatever you want in this stream. Nice posts about YEETISBURG are allowed Owner: del. RIP Shadow_Dog, we await for a return
Just a stream where people can relax and browse and find new music to listen to from other people. If you have any music to recommend, just post about it in the stream. Rules: No Disrespecting other for their music choice, make sure music is appropriate (Mark NSFW if not), Finally, Rick Rolling IS Allowed. Enjoy :D
Use it for gacha related stuff here anything gacha related all nsfw must be marked nsfw and unlimited posts owner - StxrryNxght._. and a few more users mods: zero & spire
This here will be the stream where you can post a) those odd, quirky memes that probably wouldn't do well in a main stream, or b) anything you want (except porn or badmouthing other imgflip users). Come one, come all!
This is a stream for all things Danganronpa, shitpost, and meme as much as you'd like. This is cannon and fan games. Also Ball Monokuma Upupupupu!
I need a meme to clobber that there Kirbeh! The Dedede meme stream is here. NO TROLLING! Stream is under new management apparently so yeah..
There’s to much toxicity, wars, and link spamming, and more these days. So we made a stream for none of that! We made a stream for enjoying memes, talking with people, dares, trends(but not I love accounts and stuff like that), what ever! If someone is harassing you of any kind on this stream (or out, we don’t mind) contact @SwiftSheep or other owners and mods (TBD)
A stream for the game Dungeons And Dragons, or DND for short. Here, post your character sheets, adventures, maps, or maybe even have games of DND in the comments of an image! Beginners and those who want to learn are welcome. No NSFW, unlimited posts every day. Remember to check out and make an account on dndbeyond.com! [Original Owner: GirlOfRays(sadly deleted) Current owner- Trooper35-Robot_boy123.]
(Don't *Protect the lolis) I declare war on Protect_the_lolis because he caused Basic_Cat to delete! (And his ships are crap) Owners: Spooky_Lily_Faith and SanszillaSandwich2.0
Submit funny things SCP and SCP related! Most importantly, have fun doing it! Please advertise this stream.
for people that like Kittypower20100 no nsfw owned by prince_of_demons, Kittypower20100, and anonymously.deleted
Just Gifs Unlimited - No Approval Required, All Posts Are Immediately Featured. Tag all NSFW if You post any.
Spam and upvote! Spam as many images as you want, and then upvote other people! NOTE: PointFarm came after this, this is not a knockoff Version. Also the guy from PointFarm and I have allied, so I recommend you post in that stream too for double upvotes! (Post here more tho :P)
This stream is dedicated to our epic user, DJ.Corviknight. And yes, she’s a female...
The Official Stream dedicated to the Pro-LGBTQ Weeb known as Jer-Sama! This homosexual male will share some special information about himself (yes, he's a male) and you will get an inside look into his life! Look out for things such as face reveals and much more! You are allowed to submit images to this stream, but I ask that you be respectful. I don't tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind. Other than that, have fun!
Hey, it's me, ya boi, this stream is for Phantom memes and other crap, owner: The_Ghost_Of_Box5, ABSOLUTELY NO NSFW CONTENT ALLOWED!(My username has changed)
If you hate Donald Trump, this is the stream for you! Any memes or comments displaying positivity towards the orange fascist will be deleted. These are our views and any bigotry will NOT be tolerated. Having said that, this will be loosely followed depending on if some people in particular yap too much. Push back is one thing, pure propaganda is another. We examine the FACTS about Trump here. The sordid facts. Just to clarify, this is a parody stream. If you really hate Trump, go to politicsTOO
Entertaining GIFs! reposts are absolutely permitted. (NO HYPNOTIZERS!) this is for spamming gifs freely!
A place for all fans, of LEGO Ninjago Masters of spinjitzu and The LEGO Ninjago Movie, to share Ninjago memes, set images, cool pictures, your Ninjago Lego builds, or just your favorite characters art that you, or someone else, created. Pease no NSFW posts but if you can't refrain mark it. No politics, keep them out of here please. Reposts are okay. Please do not harass any of the fans who ship characters if you do not agree with them. Stream owner: Maple_Husky. MODS: DJ.Corviknight. Vizifox
Love Memes! Love Money! Follow This Stream For $50 Giveaways Every Month! Users On the front page Will have A Chance to Win! All Memes Are Allowed! Throw Your Own Giveaways Here! The Giveaway will start when at least 50 people are in the stream! For more Info Contact Me Or a mod MAKE MEMES!!!
Trains only! This stream is railroad friendly! Don’t repost memes and don’t make NSFW memes.
This is the Naruto stream, and my username is JayTheMemer. Unlimited posts. But seriously, we arent hiding the Akatsuki, we are the Akatsuki. And sasuke didn’t come back. Me and another owner (Henlo- Squ1d) are currently the owners, which means we are weeks over naruto. No lie, hinata shouldn’t have made Boruto but ok here we are. Future Madara out.
This is where people that love books and reading can share their ideas on what books others should read, start book clubs, or just hang out in general. Remember, abide by the imgflip rules. Owner: Wawawooba
anything and everything....only friends allowed...all penguins welcome...hello frenz (ize, president puppy, artic_creeper, DARTrider, the_cursed_trainwatcher, yeetisburg, and all the people from the puppy_lover stream! ▓ BetterFlip Verified Stream ✓ ▓
So this stream could be used for other stuff that happens on imgflip
This stream is for Gacha in general, not just Oc's or Roleplays. Post shorts, skits, collaborations, outfits, all that good stuff! BULLYING THE GACHA COMMUNITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED WHATSOEVER. Please respect other creators, and encourage diversity. You can Roleplay and show Oc's here, but I'd prefer you put them in their streams. Please no Gacha heat...That's it, have fun! Owner: TheSunnySideOfthings. Feel free to ask for mod or Owner!
Plz only put COVID-19 related content on this platform. (Also follow my other streams at https://imgflip.com/m/funny-puns and https://imgflip.com/m/funny_stuff)
we just yeet sh*t. you can post memes or gifs about yeeting children or other random crap. its about damn time i made this stream ngl.
This stream is for mario fans only and not everything has to be Mario related but it can be Nintendo to
Post your cat OC's here and start roleplaying! Also, anyone who joins gets to be a mod. Hi -NaCL Helo -Waffles
Post about you're bnha OCs here! Nsfw post must be marked nsfw,unlimited posts,you can also post about bnha,but please no spoilers. Also non-drawn OCs like gacha are ok
Here is my own stream, everyone is an owner cause otherwise it's boring lol post anything feel free to edit this and add people to be mods :) yo, whassup, Pirate_melon_ here and I am bored does anyone want to help me spam this stream if so please comment on my most recent image with a pic of spam
The homeless shelter for the people of Imgflip. Anyone can come in and stay with the other homeless kids until they find an actual home.
A stream where you can posts question! Ask anything you want here, like costumes for halloween, their favorite food, etc. Rules: 1. No NSFW questions. 2. You can only post 5 questions. 3. Idk... Just ask questions I guess :p original owner: Shiyuyu. moderators: xXcoolspoopkygamerboyXx (literally Shiyuyu's alt lmao)
Put any meme u want to put if it is something that many people agree on or any other. Memes that all of us can relate to are preferred such as school, parents, siblings, etc. but don't disclose personal information. Reposts are allowed, mark all NSFW memes and remember to follow all guidelines. Also, everybody who posts will have a chance of becoming a mod. Happy meming!
If it smells like BS, looks like BS, or is just straight up BS then its a meme that can call this stream home.
Just do any memes. literally that straight forward. images or gifs. anything you want.
Hello There! Welcome to the Star wars Meme Stream! :D 3 posts a day! Please Stay Civilized in the comments. May the Force be With You!
Hai It's me :3 So yeah, Have fun. Ik, the Desc. Is boring af . Anyone who wants to can s p I c e up the Desc a bit. Anyone who joins gets mod or owner :D D R O N C C join the d r o n c c bois today. make a meme to sign up. youmustbe18yearsoryoungertojointhe d r o n c cboispleaseaskaparentorguardian.~Stellar
Here you can post anything about CoolJrez007 or by CoolJrez007 or just anything funny (or literally anything). Don't repost unless said otherwise. We are a very welcome and pretty kind community so if your going to join and ruin that then DON'T JOIN.
Make some sid the science kid memes, support him and help elect him for new meme lord. please don't make a you have been distracted meme or else just join and bla bla bla bla b bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
If you want to talk about cars, trucks, motorcycles, or anything with an engine(Trains as well )this is for you, you can ask what to do to your vehicles or show them off all and any vehicles are accepted. Don't know what to do with your car? Submit an image and give a description. Or you can simply show your favorite car. Created by: NaCL Mods: Trooper38-Tifflamemez, Trainwatcher, Beanis
Here you could ask for meme ideas if you run out of post meme ideas to help others OR you could just post a regular meme that could encourage someone and give them a meme idea
just post a buncha stuff, idc honestly, no rules other than no racism, sex, yea that stuff...... screw the title put whatever shit you want here just follow rules
Hello! this is a stream for all Destiny 2 players to: help each other out on quests, talk about destiny 2, compare stats, and more! also when you join please find the Calus meme asking you to comment how many exotics you have and what your stats are. owner- Google_Me
For my incredible sister! Only post nice things bout her. Made by THE AWESOME Kittypower20100! btw she did not write this part shes not prideful ;)
This is my first stream. Creator pandadoud This stream is about making memes and having fun I except memes that don't have swear words or anything NSFW. Lets make random stuff, NOTE- NO REPOSTS or political memes. NO SPAMMING!! the same meme . you can post as many memes as you want. LETS GET THIS CRAP STARTED
Anything actually funny that isn't political may be posted here. If it is an invitation to your stream then get the **** out of my stream. oh & please post pictures of your pets if you have any & preferably without you in them because people can be pretty mean online.
yall can post any meme ever to exist and make people laugh
Show All Of Your Godzilla Memes, Images, And Gifs Here!
All hail the almighty bleet. Any hate against the bleet shall be spammed, and deleted. Thank you for joining, and remember. This is all in good fun, we aren't trying to start any wars. Owner: LilFlamy Co-owners: izebrarose9 and starwarznerdgrl and girlonfire_ Mods: Stellar_Memes, htfviber, and toonzai-guard. XxlnightmarelxX This place is dead
BLACK LIVES MATTER This is a stream for people who want to post memes or funny stories relating to RPGs from Pathfinder to Baldur’s Gate 3. Please just make sure to mark NSFW images NSFW. Owner: Third_Aspect_of_The_Morrigan. Mods: Cupro_the_Dragon
For MHA wallpapers you made or ones you found online post them here
Here you can find the lore of Agretha! From the elves of Hexerian, to how King Pike and Queen Syth met!
insulting people with memes and gifs. has to be funny too.
Do you like The Simpsons? well now you can post Simpsons memes on here. 5 submissions. Hate on Tik Tok all you want! WHO WANTS TO BE A SIMPSON? A STREAM IS COMING UP: Become_a_Simpson. Free to the public! Come and say which Simpson you want to be! you could also post those memes on this stream!
No swearing or inappropriate stuff. Other then that any good insults and funny comebacks are gladly welcomed in this stream!
Terraria is a good game. It deserves more memes. Same rules as in most other streams. Simply ask if you want to be a mod.
Any meme generating website is better with Prequel memes. On this stream you can slice up some younglings, you can pick out a cruiser you really like, and you can deal in absolutes! A prequel meme qualifies if it comes from the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, Solo (literally no memes), the Clone Wars, or anything that comes before the Original Trilogy. Have fun! Because this is where the fun begins.
if ur a fan of any series about Warrior cats, then this is the stream for you! unlimited posts! pls no NSFW- Owners: -Lil_Mochi-, BTS_Fan and ZeroTheHeroSpookyYT
Welcome to the Debating_Time stream. In this stream, you can all debate on any topic (popular or not). Again, unlimited posts and you can still use English or any other languages. Trolling is NOT allowed here. Also, please don't forget to mark it as NSFW when necessary. OG Owner: LaceyRobbins1 (if you want to be a moderator, you can talk to me anytime).
Spam this stream, please!!! Spam anything and everything!!! This is a kid-friendly stream, so absolutely no NSFW.
ANY TYPE OF MEME WILL DO :3. Just post any meme and you know what
This is a stream for all things AJR. The only thing I ask is that if it is NSFW please mark it, but other than that I'm chill with anything. Express your love for AJR in this stream, and have fun! - xxx-Ground_Zero-xxx {Owner: xxx-Ground_Zero-xxx }
for all fans of philadelphia sports teams eagles, flyers, phillies, sixers, union, wings. philly gets alot of hate so here's a safe space for the best phans in the world. unlimited posts, new users welcome, no nsfw. also, DALLAS COWBOYS SUCK!!!!
Welcoming all Gamers. If you are considering joining, you probably saw my ad. Welcome! No nsfw, only pro gamer moments
In this stream, you can post anything related to miraculous. The rules are: No swearing, no inappropriate images, and be kind! How miraculous!
Mostly for people with long hair thats going to the right or left. No nsfw things please. Middle-Schoolers welcome! You can post what you like as long as it's sfw.
If you have a good funny meme put it here
All RvB fans come here for the best stream ever. Of all time... Remember, BLUE FOR LIFE
Put your Mario Memes in this! Owner: LimeTheTriangle Co-Owner: CloudDays, The_Fake_Olivia, and Frozetta Moderators: None Currently. Theme of the week: Mario Among Us
Make an interesting battle against one or two person. (In a Meme or a Gif). I made one months ago, so i decided to feature it on here. I'm curious to see what y'all will do in this stream. I'll allow 3 mods to be in the stream, but to be a mod, u have to make something that I'll like. I'll host challenge days where u can get a chance be the next mod. Anyway, mods can make up special days where u can do something, but I will allow 2/week. In conclusion, when u make ur battle, BE CREATIVE!!! 🙂
All spop memes allowed, drawings too! Please come up with your own ^°^
Anything that is Sonic! So no Mario or other gaming universes here!
Lol this stream is dead as h e l l : ) Nobody posts here anymore ;-;
This is the largest stream. Or at least it will be soon. -Memingmemerthatmemes69
Remember when you could watch cartoons on Saturday mornings or when you came home from school that weren't on a cable channel? That's what this channel is for...go back in time to Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbara and other toons that dominated regular network TV....cable cartoons are welcomed as long as they are "classic" (none of that weird Cartoon Network or modern Disney stuff)
Memes and gifs about boxing excellence. Or lack of excellence... (Moderator: IncognitoGuy)
Politically Incorrect humour. Based memes. Pro-freedom of speech. Anti-communist.
The Meme Zone Is For Fishing, Posting or Scrolling Memes. No Approval Required, All Posts Are Immediately Featured. Unlimited Posts.
As long as it is appropriate I don't really care what type of memes, gifs, or charts you post in this stream. Just have fun and cure your boredom
Are you an Arrowverse fan? Send in all your Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning memes and gifs.
This is the stream for RocketcatM30W. It doesn't require a verified email of course. No approval required!
Anything about Pokemon fan games whether it's promoting and encouraging people to try a Pokemon fan game, memes about them, or just discussions about them.
Only Bendy And The Ink Machine memes or you will be kicked off the stream!
Random memes go in this stream here!!!11!!!!!!111!!1
This stream is where all impossible odds are all welcome to. Just post anything that nobody would believe that it exists. Maybe like stunts, tricks, impossible art and more. And with unlimited posts. Owner - Blaziken_12c
it is among us stuff so if u like among us post among us stuff here
Welcome to the Mixels stream, a wonderful stream that's filled with creatures that Mix,max or murp. Here are the rules, only mixels/Nixels content, no full nudity, if you include any other character from another series that's fine, and most of all have a good Mixing time
Anything Clone Wars any time, just don’t hate on it If you have never seen Star Wars The Clone Wars, I REALLLLLLY suggest that you watch it
If there's anything you think is truly worth ranting about, maybe hurtfully meming about, this is the stream. A perfectly safe way for you to vent while not really hurting other people, because let's be honest, something out there is worth the time to meme.
10K+ only, no way to cheat this system lol. Also, no NSFW allowed.
note: streams show up on this list if they are set to "publicly listed" and if they have a minimum number of followers and recent activity