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It's a Race I Hope I win
Infact, after our first conversation, I looked at your other memes. You're funny and entertaining, so I'm not surprised you have so many points.
It's a Race I Hope I win
Continuing on, if you do well enough in a short period of time and make a claim about doing so, people get curious and wonder who this guy/girl is and how you managed to achieve so many points so they look at your other memes. Those memes get views and upvotes, continued cycle and then you have more points. So... Yes it does in fact make sense.
It's a Race I Hope I win
By makes sense, I ment that your Christmas situation was relateable and how you were able make a lot of memes in that time & get points racked up quicky in that time period hypothetically makes sense and is relatable. Nobody around, go nothing to do, you got to find ways to entertain your self so meme making happened. The more memes made, the more likely someone will stubble upon something you made and thus you get more points. Higher view count, the more likely you will get upvotes. More upvotes might lead to more views and the cycle continues on all the while you make more points.
Is This A Pigeon
My mom is in her early 60s. She can't print a file on her own, looks at the keyboard while typing, doesnt know how to upload pictures, ect... And I normally have to come over there to help her out. So this meme is kinda relateable. At least you know what memes are though cus, I garentee she does not. Anyways... Hang in there. The more you practice computer stuff, the better you will get at it. And if you need help learning how to do any new things on the computer, Google and YouTube is very helpful sources.