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This is a stream for people that are depressed/suicidal if you ever feel like letting it out or just want to post something but dont except anyone to seek professional help (: You dont have to be depressed to post, but if you are good luck. Anyone can post, unlimited, and its ok to post whatever you want (Even suicidal thoughts, because the only other depression stream doesn't let you) Please dont be mean on here, there are plenty of other stream if you want to do that. (: Created by Iaintacamel
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me frfr TvT

me frfr TvT | ME; Stop coping with a fictional charcter death by making a meme every two FCKING seconds and go to sleep it's 12 in the FCKING night | image tagged in murder drones | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

kermit window

kermit window | THAT FEELING OF SADNESS; WHEN YOUR BFF PARTNERS WITH SOMEONE ELSE | image tagged in kermit window,depression | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Mod, answer in the comments or the title

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Always Tired

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Why was I born like this ???

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I guess I got bingo

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there was more to this convo I forgot

by anonymous
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