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Untitled Image in Minecraft
3 ups, 6mo
Wow dang you can't escape your homework not even in minecraft in My_Custom_Templates
0 ups, 6mo
*plus tf2 is full friendly servers*? Literally harrass other decent and nice and maybe as well as innocent players and also they're literally bashes off other games and harrass they're community and players and acts like they're flawless and superior chads when in reality they're not
Js in AwesomeMusic
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Nah I ain't really mad it's just how distasteful this is meme it's just unoriginal honestly ok
them haters! they are dumb in Tiktokbest
0 ups, 6mo
You what you're right I am kinda retarded even before TikTok was thing cause I ADHD but atleast I ain't stupid either cause I much of smarty myself and also TikTok isn't far worse ya stupid terrorist asshole there are apps/platforms definitely worse than TikTok like Maybe twitter YouTube or worse 9gag reddit