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Welcome to MSMG! Follow the stream rules and try to enjoy your stay! This is a place for memes, reposts, announcements, copypastas, and shitposts. Be kind, we don't like toxic users. (However despite that we seem to have lots of them.) MSMG affairs down here: [Discord:]
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HolidayWallhammer OWNER XMsantahands Child_Corpse.. OWNER Festive_Sauce OWNER Santa.Bread.The.GingerBread.Man Napoleon. Akifhaziq festive-peachytroopa-sephyori OWNER Bluehonu_the_festive_junko_simp YeetrexYeet Psychoboi_that_likeyoupain Jummy_The_Purple_Simp Super.memer420 FestiveFunguy_the_Snowman Vietnamball Tifflamemez_Sauce_Ornament Colonel_Bubonic_The_Fire_Goddess SpaceFanatic Elfiya Asriel. Hollywithasideofjollysnow Sensei-Lucario OWNER TheLargePig Drizzy. OWNER Lucidream SuGaS_The_Head_of_Senate .-Spike-Offical-. Aspect. Scrooged_Blue Ac1d_Krampus Creative_The_Stocking_Stuffer OWNER Suga. Darmug_II OWNER Kris-mas_official PokeTheSayoriSimp TriKurrDurr_Official Festive--Trap chamoy. Crossbones_the_Sakuroma_Simp Drizzy.......... OWNER Drizzy.. OWNER Festive_Iceu .-Yachi-the-waffle-simp-bunny-. Elf-Teminite hakburger The_Festive_Finesser jellywhal_hates_oCeAnCoW OWNER General_ScroogeDaniels The_Scout CrlsDeStaleFrutcakeBecauseScrewU KaraThePorygon-z Illumina_the_kidney_stealer OWNER darwin_the_p-nis_privilege_taker ShadowSkul_The_God_Of_Templates Soul_crusher Bazooka_The_Nutcracker OWNER WaffleChan_TheYachtSimp Randumb. OWNER Queenofpurechristmas_Jemy -.JustBreathingCarbonMonoxide.- BryanMottTheKirbyGod Festive_Blaziken Logan_The_Snowy_Spire_Simp Festive_Holly_shady StillStellar. Kedrei FestiveQueen. OWNER .ContentDeleter. OWNER .-.Christmas_Chris.-. OWNER _Winston_Scorpidoo_ CloudandChill.w. OWNER Jtugboattizzymo MemoriesOfChurch OWNER Sir_Meliodas Isaac-Foster OWNER Mr_Monk_Official .name Todoroki_Official Uncle_Dane Gingerbread-Sponge -Jaiden- FestiveCookie i-am-41-cheetos-tall -cam- OWNER Totally_Not_An_Alt
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say it.

say it. |  SAY SEXTILLION; WITHOUT THE TILLION | image tagged in trollface,trolling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
74 views, 5 upvotes, 10 comments

Doge knows!

Doge knows! |  WHEN DOGE SEES ALL THE TROLLING ON THIS STREAM LATELY... WE NEED TO CHILL OUT! | image tagged in trolling,memes,doge,ak47,chill out | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
77 views, 4 upvotes, 8 comments