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Joined 2021-08-27
Hi, I'm Simo, Your Local Avian Tech-Genius [] USA - English - SFW-Only :>
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A little thing I made at the end of my shift at work ^^ what do you think? :3 in RetroTheFloof
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*sends a D-Day's worth of hugs and cuddles upon the scrunkly floof* >//////v//////< 💕💕💕💕
yess in LGBTQ
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Good Boi (in an enby way) :>
Bet y'all can't find the hidden worm in the template. in LGBTQ
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Thank you - I managed to pick up significantly on military strategy via listening to a Sabaton song about a particular battle in history; analyzing the lyrics of the song and researching about the battle and how the winning side won, and just absorb the tactics from there.

You should definitely listen to Sabaton; not only is it good power-metal, it will also boost your confidence and heighten your adrenalin levels in the face of fire and give you a basic understanding of Swedish by listening to the Carolus Rex album in Swedish should you put on the English subtitles whilst-listening :>
Bet y'all can't find the hidden worm in the template. in LGBTQ
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P.S. I found the ace worm that brings good luck - it's in the bottom left corner :>