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The boiler room of hell in fun
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It's been a while since I've been here, but it's sweet to see you've been counting. Miss me? And also, again, I won't care to tell the difference. It's pretty clear that a trans woman is not an actual man, and vice versa.
Target's knee-jerk woke reaction to ANTIFA / BLM riots may end up with them going broke in politics
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When will Republicans and Democrats do what they are meant to do? Both political parties have had the media's propaganda into their head, to the point that they both hate each other. We should not consider each other enemies, but rather, Americans, with other points of view that we must work with to better this country. The way we've always looked at each other.

We have to understand, every one of us, the BLM rioters, the MAGA capital raiders? They don't represent the whole of the ideology. They are just some bad eggs that use the disguise of fighting for an ideology to do reckless damage to our infrastructure.

And I will tell you this, who cares if you're white? If you're black, gay trans, or whatever? If you speak Spanish, Mandarin, or French, if you're an atheist or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Muslim, we all have one thing in common. We are all American. This great nation whose soil we stand on today is a country built on free speech, and the ability to be yourself, to live in a society free of religious, racial, or sexual prejudices, but rather free citizens of a new glorious utopia. We came to this country, and we choose to stay in this country because we stand for the principles of liberty, and freedom for all.

You don't like living in a free, glorious America? Move to Russia, or China, and see how much you take for granted what we have here. When we squabble over abortion? Over "woke" propagandists and how the drag queens are coming to rape all of our children or something? We make ourselves weak, weak enough that Russia and China can use it to exploit our instability.

We must stand up once again and act like the bastion of democracy we truly are, cooperate, American to American, and beat back the autocratic dictatorships of China and Russia. We must stay firm in our position against tiny dictators like Kim Jong Un who fling nuclear threats like it's nothing for the most petty reasons, and we must stop this idiotic labeling that plain old makes no sense. "Stupid Liberals"? Liberals are just people who stand for liberty. If you support owning guns and keeping your individual rights, then you are in some aspects a liberal. And you do not need to be right-wing to be a conservative, conservatives just wish to keep things the way they are, if you live in a left-wing society and wish to keep things the way they are congrats, you are a Left-Wing conservative.
I will leave you with this: "A House divided, cannot stand."
CNN: "Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden." in politics
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Because he's an old ass man, simple as that. Not really an argument against democrats. Any sensible person would know he's too old to run for president.
The boiler room of hell in fun
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Sex changing surgery is a thing, you know, just get signed up, get flooded with estrogen, and boom, basically a woman. I won't care to tell the difference.