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MTDMS short for: MEMES THAT DON`T MAKE SENSE. Do anything ( that makes no sense ) Feel free to talk to me if needed. I give free mods too! Rules: 1. NSFW is allowed 2. Don`t be mean 3. Don`t put memes that make sense ( There is a whole stream for that ) Onwer : PeacefulFox

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the t-posing beans are always watching

the t-posing beans are always watching | Therapist: T-posing beans isn't real, it can't hurt you.
T-posing beans: | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
772 views, 18 upvotes, 1 comment


Paradox | I bet he’s thinking of other women; If you restored a ship by replacing its wooden parts would it remain the same ship? | image tagged in memes,i bet he's thinking about other women,paradox | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
713 views, 16 upvotes


OUTDATED | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
3,326 views, 13 upvotes, 16 comments

My room is carpeted

619 views, 14 upvotes

Uhhh, not going to discuss

404 views, 12 upvotes, 1 comment

Only one space left get you 32 upvotes now

by anonymous
248 views, 12 upvotes, 16 comments


413 views, 9 upvotes, 2 comments

owner plz :D

299 views, 9 upvotes, 5 comments


201 views, 8 upvotes, 1 comment
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