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Y'all Got Any More Of That in politics
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" According to interviews with him, he called his wife to tell her that he was coming home again and she told him he had to quit his job or they'd both be sent to Hell.
Is that how it works now? Because back when I was a kid in church, God was the sole arbiter of Grace and it didn't matter what you did or didn't do in your life. See the Thief on the Cross section of the bible for details."

Do you really believe it doesn't matter what you do or don't do in your life? So this little discussion about human trafficking doesn't matter because oh those criminals have God's grace huh? Or imagine being put in a situation where you could actively stop a crime from happening and you do nothing. Is God supposed to roll out the red carpet for you? I haven't heard a single interview of his mention his wife threaten him with hellfire. She said it would jeapordize their salvation if they did nothing when they had the opportunity to do so. Kinda like the few bishops and priests who did nothing about the church abuse that you so conveniently bring up at every opportunity. Is God going to welcome those criminals to heaven? Maybe rethink your opinion that it doesn't matter what you do with your life becuase that's a very dangerous way to live.
Unless Ron's plan is to provide all Floridians with low-paying jobs. Then he's a genius. in politicsTOO
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Do I smell voter fraud, illegitimate election claims?
Y'all Got Any More Of That in politics
1 up, 10mo
So the Hollywood movie exaggerates only 2 points? Not bad. And the he didn't really get to rescue the girl he went into enemy territory to rescue? But that negates the 6,000 people he has rescued and 5,000 arrested right? That's 6,000 more than all of the people sitting and judging him and a movie have rescued. Since you asked me what I'm doing about the problem, what are you doing? That's the conversation that needs to be had, and the purpose of the movie, not nitpicking the script of something you refuse to watch.
Y'all Got Any More Of That in politics
1 up, 10mo
Actually they've paid billions for abuse victims though money will never replace the damage done to these people. One important step they've taken is not allowing homosexual men or MAPS into the seminary but we're called bigoted for that.
Y'all Got Any More Of That in politics
1 up, 10mo
Yes, I'm catholic. And yes I've talked about sexual abuse in the church numerous times here and elsewhere. I have yet to find anyone on this site willing to listen respectfully though. The Catholic church is a small part of a worldwide epidemic of abuse and probably the only organization actively trying to stop it with rigorous trainings, reporting protocols, involving government in investigations and they have paid millions in reperations, how much have public schools, boy scouts, and other churches paid? I'm glad to talk more about what my church is doing about the problem.