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The Face Diaper

The Face Diaper |  I FEEL FINE; THE VACCINE DID NOT HURT A BIT. | image tagged in memes,covaids 1984,convid,plandemic,scamdemic,vaccine | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Trillion$ in bailout$...

Trillion$ in bailout$... |  Trillion$ in bailout$ as new debt is forced
on taxpayers by our mafia governments...
I'm sure monster loads of it fund organized
psy-ops, censorship campaigns, and this di-
visive culture war to distract us from reality,
contextual understanding, and truth-seeking
about the class war, depopulation programs
and looming food crises the ruling class
has unleashed upon the world in the guise
of this scamdemic and absurdist lockdown. But hey,                                                     
great propaganda slogans to live by:      
Trust the plan.                    
Build back better.               
For your safety.                  
Government for freedom.   
Ignorance is strength.       
War for peace.                     
Rest in peace. | image tagged in retro vintage man,scamdemic,government corruption,media lies,propaganda,cancel culture | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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