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Proof that white privelage is real in politics
1 up, 7d
Life expectancy is not a privledge. It's about a healthy lifestyle and genetics. This only proves whites make better lifestyle choices. Now do Japan or seventh day Adventists who have very high life expectancy.
It takes a village idiot to be a Trumper in politics
3 ups, 2w
It means we don't listen to libtard CNN and their cronies. It means we have a brain and think for ourselves. It means we understand the stupidity of the left and we know you're too incompetent to make rational decisions.
Reality in politics
0 ups, 2w
What did pedo Joe do to improve jobs. Oh wait. NOTHING! He's living off Trump's success.
Good Fellas Hilarious in politics
1 up, 3w
Somebody needs to get this person into this year. Why are you posting old crap from 2020? This is proof the left can't meme.