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Bigotry is the real mental illness here. in politics
SJW still wears her mask in politics
3 ups, 1y
Liberalism is a mental illness. So, it makes sense they would do mentally ill things.
Anti-Israel SJW Socialist hypocrisy in conservatives
1 up, 1y
You're welcome to your free speech but it doesn't make you any less of a bigot and anti-semite.
They always skim off the top. in politics
1 up, 1y
Almost all in DC are swamp creatures, including most Republicans. There are some Fighters like Boebert and MTG, but not many.
Joe Biden 2020 in politics
1 up, 1y
Meme makes a point but many libtards here aren't smarter than Joe. A few are. But most here are like Hunter with no moral compass. They live off hate, lies, and fake news.