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This “veteran” (Hammock Test Pilot😎) loves God, Family, America, and all America-loving folks — I don’t read Comments.
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I suppose, in this Upside-Down-World, this Theory makes complete sense. (Who cares about results?!) in politics
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Bold accusation. You may differ with my understanding of things… but that does not make me a Liar. Besides… what part of my meme is lying? (Rhetorical, and I won’t be looking for your followup). Your own quotes support my posting.

I suppose “Liar!” Is the new Lefty splooge, just like yelling “RACIST!” “BIGOT HOMOPHOBE!” et al, when you’ve lost the argument. When the facts are against you, argue the law. When the law is against you, argue facts. When they’re both against you, yell LIAR BIGOT RACIST.

Nice try, anti. You go live happily in your make believe world. I live in reality, and I’ll continue to call it like it is. You go Your way. I’ll go the Right Way.

And, pay attention here… Christian ideas never “succumbed.” They still exist—always will—and they are more important now, than ever. Denying Jesus Christ on a personal, or even State level, will never remove Him. He is Lord & Creator of all—regardless of ones attempted dismissal of Him.
Check Him out—before it’s too late
Former PFIZER Executive, Dr Yeadon, should know… in politics
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Yep. But… better to die a warrior, with honor, in battle, than to die of a thousand cuts, on your knees.
DO NOT GET an MRI IF…. in politics
1 up, 2w
That’s what I was going for… trying to make an impression on You
Vaccinated? You should be Pissed. Join the Fight! in politics
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Better knock on wood, fella. So many of the pro-killshot boasters are now in the grave. If you’re still alive, and unharmed, you still may want to rethink your alliance with team genocide. A future of sterility, myocarditis, blood clots, SAD (sudden a$$hole death syndrome), VAIDS, ADE, alopecia, erectile dysfunction await.
If that doesn’t bother you, there’s still the BINARY WEAPON part of the plan. Wait for them to directly target you with their 5G frequencies.
If I had fallen for it, and gotten shot…
I WOULD BE PISSSD! But then, I never trusted them in the first place. And, a little studying up on the topic erased any doubts. It—clearly—was all concocted, enacted, unleashed by EVIL Power-hungry greedy men. If YOU still support it and push it… you are either astonishingly gullible, or, Evil, yourself.
Vaccinated? You should be Pissed. Join the Fight! in politics
0 ups, 2w
How many non-vaxxed people have died from the side-effects of the vax? Right—zero. How about REPORTED Side-effects of vaxxed?
76,253 Dead 6,033,218 Injured
Recorded in Europe and USA, following CONVID “Vaccines.” It’s actually Gene Therapy.
Reporting deaths & injuries to VAERS is factually UNDERREPORTED. Reliable estimates say Only 1%, up to 10% of the vax-injuries ever get reported. That’s bad news, for your team.