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Class of 2035 in politics
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I'm trying to prevent more from happening in the current 2020 class war on the people by the ruling class hypocrites. Depriving mothers of oxygen or even giving children vaccines (especially before they're strong) is a sure way to create more problems - just as our toxic environment has been creating major problems for sexual development in children. Alex Jones is a corrupt idiot, yet there's truth within his "turning the frogs gay" outrage. All of this is easily verifiable if you look it up outside of the mainstream corporate media propaganda. Don't believe me. Look it up for yourself. Don't trust the corporatocracy. I'll use every means possible to resist them - even low brow humour.

For more of my insights and idiocy feel free to visit my main hangout: https://SaidIt.net.
Big Bob was just fine... in politics
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Perpetuate the psyop!!!
Big Bob was just fine... in politics
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Original image from this 2015 article:

Supersize coffins too big for ovens

Jesus rising in politics
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Good to know. I missed that part in Sunday School.
I could build so many... in politics
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Is it worth killing Palestinians over?