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Safe? Not remotely! in politics
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You might appreciate my other memes - or my main truth-seeking and free-thinking hangout:
Vaccycle in politics
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The Deep State & Puppet Biden in politics
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Besides almost all politicians being puppets of the deep state, this is a meme, not meant to be literal as that robot stand-in for the puppet Biden looks nothing like Biden - but might be less demented.
If it's such a good idea... in politics
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Clearly you haven't read the vaccines' own press releases. The vaccines have nothing to do with slowing or preventing the virus. They're only supposed to deal with the symptoms of the flu, but I believe it's part of a stealth eugenics program. You're 150x more likely to die from the vaccines than COVID.

Feb 4 my father died of "COVID" _and_ a bunch of other problems. COVID is a bullshit scamdemic for global tyranny. Read my post and comments:

The weak are not safe with masks, lockdowns, or anywhere except perhaps in quarantine.

Inflation and the global food crises are next. Mark my words. Stock up on non-perishable foods or be one of the millions who will perish. There is historical precedent in the Holodomor where Stalin starved his own people, 40 million Russians and Ukranians. Mao murdered 100 million in the same fashion for his revolution (backed by Yale's Skull & Bones secret society).

History repeats.
Trillion$ in bailout$... in politics
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I would love to believe the Deep State will fail in their war to keep our minds enslaved, much less face any authentic justice (a system of government they also control) - especially when countless have already suffered and perished at their hands, permanently deprived of justice.

My father died of "COVID" this month but I don't buy that shit for a minute. Since you're well aware of the Deep State, I invite you to read about that and my skepticism on my main hangout: