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pandemic is true
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You should consider rechecking your facts. I would cite facts but the powers that be have muddied the entire battleground into a dogmatic faith war of facts. All "facts" have been made nonsensical. Who do you really trust?

Effective propaganda is when the targets don't know it's propaganda.

Corporate-owned experts, government, and media are proven liars, time after time after time after time after time after time. Look beyond all corporate media. Find your own alternative media sources to trust that are skeptical of the "official" narrative. Experts lie for profit. Alt media may be just as incorrect, but they're certainly not doing it for profits as there are MUCH better ways to make a living than speaking truth to power.

Initially you will likely hear countering ideas that seem far fetched. After a while, as you digest more skeptical ideas, and the evidence stacks up, you'll wonder how you ever fell for the "expert" "official" lies.

You might also consider researching Fifth Generation Warfare, which is often censored on Wikipedia, etc. Information warfare can accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives, while not doing measurable damage that can be identified by the target (ie. intentional collapse blamed on a "pandemic"). An important aspect of 5GW may have the target not even know it's under attack, thus the target has already lost that battle.

You don't need to use force if you can convince the masses via social engineering.

First it was 2 weeks to "flatten the curve", then it was the "new normal", then it was all these stupid f**king rules. They blame the collapse on the virus when really it was the "leaders" who made it happen with their overreaction.

There's also a MASSIVE CENSORSHIP campaign that silences all of the THOUSANDS of doctors, nurses, scientists, skeptics, alternative media, and others who are rejecting the bullshit lockdown, bad mask scientism, and other crap, including the COVID and vaccine nonsense.**kMasks
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They've been planning this attack on humanity for some time.

The global endless wars of terror are primarily fiction in the conquest for global control. The CIA supports ISIS. The FBI sets up domestic "terrorists" only to take them down. The only nations that are our "enemies" are the ones without Central Banks tied into the global system ruled over by the B.I.S.

Now that the world has been more or less conquered, the US has turned their war onto it's own citizens. The 2013 NDAA neutered the Smith–Mundt Act so that domestic propaganda waged against the masses would be allowed (they did it anyway, but not on this scale) to include all the staged events such as the Boston Bombing, the lone shooters, etc. Also, promoting the Russiagate conspiracy nonsense and now censoring the election rigging in the other direction.

This scamdemic has been planned for decades and is nothing more than tyrannical fear porn. Quarantine the weak, sick, and feeble - anything else is tyranny. LockStep LockDown is a document published a decade ago. Event 202 was a test run for this whole scenario a year ago - a week before the outbreak. The New Normal has been a propaganda term since day one of the 2 week flatten the curve bullshit. In the 1990s the UN first proposed Agenda 21 for management of the 21st Century, which was later rebranded as 2030 as that's their goal timeline to depopulate the planet, much like is on the Georgia Guidestones.

The Great Reset is a plan to make everyone poor except the ruling class.

If you trust any billionaire, much less Bill Gates who can't even keep viruses off a computer, you're foolish. They won't even give Americans universal healthcare in their alleged pandemic (FYI, the definition of "pandemic" has been overhauled over the last century).

The ultimate Bill Gates-stated goals of the vaccine are not to cure the COVID (there are no vaccines for any corona viruses) but to diminish the symptoms. Meanwhile they're stating that the symptoms are essentially the same as the virus. When they inject folks without symptoms they're making them more likely to actually get the symptoms, as well as other problems not just from whatever poison cocktail they may put in you, including chronic shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA).

You should watch The Corbet Report documentary on Bill Gates.

Look up any of this if you doubt me. If you want more information ask. The next crises will be a cyber war and food shortages. You've been warned.
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If you could provide evidence of fraud, that'd be great.
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