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Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone.
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Democrats Love Poverty

Democrats Love Poverty | Weaponize poverty; Solve poverty; Democrat Party | image tagged in poverty,rent,homeless,democrats,democrat party,democratic party | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
109 views, 7 upvotes

Industrial Poverty = We Are the Product

Industrial Poverty = We Are the Product | Keep labor
(human beings)
INVESTORS | image tagged in poverty,rent,democratic socialism,libertarian,communism and capitalism,republicans | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
168 views, 6 upvotes, 1 comment

You sure as hell won't like the cure!

You sure as hell won't like the cure! | Bidenomics! I'm solving America's
obesity problem! | image tagged in memes,smilin biden,poverty,bidenomics,democrats,election 2024 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,708 views, 15 upvotes

What's Your Opinion?

333 views, 21 upvotes, 6 comments
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349 views, 20 upvotes, 5 comments
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38 views, 2 upvotes

This is what they're doing to the United States

1,227 views, 45 upvotes, 2 comments

Let's Talk About Racism!

111 views, 4 upvotes

What government looks like it's doing

247 views, 10 upvotes, 11 comments
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