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College Liberal
What do you propose be the solution? Where do you think the eight million Jews should go?
College Liberal
Regarding LGBT rights, I mainly agree with the views of Milo Yiannopoulos, who I regularly listen to. Regardless of what I believe, opposing same-sex marriage is a long way from believing that gays should be executed by the state. And what's with this "WE gave the Jews access and claim to the land"? That was done by the British military many decades before I was born. I had no say in that decision.
College Liberal
It's disputable that Palestinians are native to the region. Palestinians are Arabs. Jews have lived in Israel for over 4,000 years. The Israeli government is morally superior to Palestine. Israel allows religious freedom and LGBT rights. Palestine wants an Islamic theocracy in which gays and Jews will be executed.
College Liberal
Israel allows LGBT rights. In Palestine, gays are executed by the state. Israel allows freedom of religion. Christian churches are bombed in Palestine. Your claim is that Israel "treats people like animals". So does Palestine.
College Liberal
You're trying to make the point that Muslims are justified in their hatred of Israel and the Jews. When in reality, Muslims have also stripped away people's homelands and treated people like animals.