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NPC Meme in politics
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“Right now Muslim birth rates are high because their happiness is higher and also because its been culturally in grained into them tgat having more children raises the chances for the survival of some as Child Mortality rates in the ME and the third world is horrific. Give it a Generation and that won't be the case.”
I thought you just declared that a “generation” is about 100 years.

“Now. I refuse to talk to you any longer because you disgust me on a personal level.”
What an honor!

I guess people like the Dalai Lama also disgust you on a personal level?
NPC Meme in politics
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Your comments are now bordering on harassment. I have not once cussed at you or made a personal attack.

You have not provided a single source to back up your claims and rebuttals.

I don’t think you’re a Russian. I thought it was leftists calling conservatives Russian bots. I think you could be a Muslim migrant living in Europe, using taqiyya on me.

“Yeah yeah. Suck my balls and call me a Russian. If another word comes out of your c**t mouth, I'll be forced to eat every chicken in this room.”
Threatening me with a Game of Thrones quote, WOO...

How can you even know who is truly a refugee? How do you know they aren’t lying to countries’ border patrols when they arrive? True refugees seek refugees in the nearest safe place. They are NOT entitled to cross multiple national borders to enter a country with social welfare programs they did not contribute to.

“So basically what your saying is your not ready integrate other people into your culture and accept refugees because they talk a different language and have a different religion?”

Language barriers are ABSOLUTELY a huge problem. I work at a store in the mall near where I live, and the most difficult customers to deal with are the ones who don’t speak English well.
I also have two Muslim coworkers. They’re very sweet girls. The one migrant/refugee guy you know who assimilated and is a nice person proves nothing.

“Of course. They will petition their Dictatorial Regimes to stop being C**ts. You know what the Syrian Civil War was about right? It was about deposing of Assad's brutal Regime and installing a Democracy and trying to raise the standard of living. That failed Miserably.”
It failed miserably because Islam is a shit religion that can’t produce a functioning democratic society. Migrants need to return to their home countries and work on building a better society for themselves, i.e., they need to completely overhaul their religion or toss it out and pick a different faith. Any country where refugees won’t be repulsed by the native culture is going to be a shithole country.

“Your using paranoia and fear to justify not accepting refugees.” No, the Qur’an explicitly states that it is the duty of all Muslims to strive until all nations have been converted to sharia law.
NPC Meme in politics
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“Theoretically the same can happen with Polish or Austrian Immigrants. According to your reasoning, we cannot accept refugees
because they might eventually multiple a tad bit faster tha the locals who shall never have a change in birth rates ever”

Leftists have been openly admitting and celebrating for years that whites will be a minority in Europe and North America by mid-century. For example:

“The diffrence is that they aren't state owned. No I will not listen nor react to any spiel about how they are.”
You are flat-out wrong. The BBC, CBC, and Al-Jazeera are absolutely state-funded media. This is stated in the introductory paragraphs of all 3 of their Wikipedia articles:

“You are beyond stupid for suggesting this, you are aware of this right? Let me get this straight, you think Refugees fleeing oppressive terror regimes and Terrorist organisations should flee to SAUDI ARABIA, a country well knlwn for its Human Rights or the lack thereof, a discriminatory Government that favours Saudis above all other demographics and which is a Monarchical dictatorship? Your reasoning is that they have similar Culture and language? Get the f**k outta here. Seems more to me your too lazy to try and integrate Refugees and instead want to send them back into the hell they were trying to escape because, they have similar Cultures (Which could not be more wrong than it is) Thats like saying Germany and France have similar Cultures”

I said the Arabian Peninsula, which includes more countries than just Saudi Arabia. Yes, the refugees should be sent to those countries. There is no language barrier there, or faiths, customs, and vices they find repugnant. Muslims in Europe self-segregate and refuse to respect the culture of the host nation, and immediately push for sharia law. They want to reap the benefits of the white man’s civilization, but they don’t want to respect the white man or participate in the culture that allows Western civilization to exist.

Even the Dalai Lama has stated that Europe is for the Europeans, and that the refugees ultimately need to go back to their home countries and work on building a better society for themselves.
NPC Meme in politics
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“Really, cause that’s the first time I hear of it. I always assumed we did it out of respect for human rights.”

Seriously? I have absolutely heard this line of reasoning many times before. Similarly, the idea that whites owe black people in the US reparations for slavery (which nobody alive today experienced) is now a mainstream position of the Democratic platform.

Hungary has a total population of less than 10 million people. A few hundred thousand “refugees” could easily become a significant minority or the majority in just a couple generations if they have children at a rate that exceeds the birth rate of the native population.

The vast majority of the migrants to Europe are coming from countries where there are no ongoing wars. The ones who ARE refugees fleeing wars would be much better off being sent to the Arabian Peninsula, where they speak the same language and have the same religion and much more similar culture.

And Hungary’s state-owned media is bad, but the BBC, CBC, NPR, and Al-Jazeera are just fine?
NPC Meme in politics
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The predominant argument in favor of mass immigration to Europe seems to be that Europe “owes” people from the Middle East and Africa the right to come and permanently reside in their countries due to Europe’s past colonialism in the Middle East and Africa. In reality, there are 46 countries in Europe; only 5 had long-term colonies in Africa or the Middle East: Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. If you count the short-lived colonies of Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Prussia/Germany, that brings the total up to 10.

Why, pray-tell, doesn’t a country like Hungary have every right to keep itself majority-ethnic Hungarian? And why don’t they have every right to combat their aging population by simply helping their citizens have more children, rather than importing foreigners?