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Until we have equal land access (so we can hold out for the wages we deserve), society will remain slaves.
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Why Tax Homes? in politics
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The thing about land is we need it to sleep like we need oxygen to breathe. So, if it's profitable to own it and wait, society will always be broke and desperate for money.
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Government is a business. Investors pay it to keep labor cheap and useful. The only way to ensure individual freedom is to refuse all taxation except for on land ownership. As long as land cannot be taken from us, we have no need of any other service from the government. All we really need is land ownership security. And the only way to ensure that is to abolish every other tax. The added benefit is zero taxation on everything else.
Democracy or Democracy, Inc. in politics
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A democratic republic is more democratic than a simple democracy because it decentralizes power more. And individual freedom is the purpose of having equality under the law. Forced unity is anti-democratic. The United States are unified primarily for territorial defense.
Henry George Was Right Meme #9,004 nz-6 in politics
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What I'm suggesting is the abolition of all taxation, zero taxes except on land ownership. That would OMFG end real estate investment (who cares?) And end all taxation of people.

What products or services do banks and the government really give us? High land prices and taxes for trying to survive? No thanks.
Henry George Was Right Meme #9,004 nz-6 in politics
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That's why it's ignored in school even though the difference between land and labor is the basis of classical economics.

Investors don't want kids learning about that because they can't actually prove it wrong. And kids would notice that.