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Joke Biden in politics
0 ups, 3m
But but …liberalism it’a the message that resonates with so many people. I’m not sure what that message is but apparently some folks are all about it and apparently the message is pretty expensive!
Widower Seeks Unvaxxed Replacement in all
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In order to “get the news”you have to read several different articles on the same subject from several different publications, some left leaning, some right, and some that claim to be right down the middle. Then you have to make the best decision based on the information you have. Or you can bypass the world and decipher the Akashic record. There’s always that .
Munchausen God-Threatening Mommy in all
0 ups, 3m
Weepin’ Jesus on the cross man!! Thanks for the fekkin lift me up!! Wow. Hopeless negativism. Another Liberal. Why isn’t this in “the super dark deluxe strap on chaser stream”. Oh there’s not one? Soon….
Widower Seeks Unvaxxed Replacement in all
0 ups, 3m
Blah blah…the media megaphones are strong with this one 🤗
Widower Seeks Unvaxxed Replacement in all
0 ups, 3m
Pretty much the same deal with pro vaxers. It’s just political BS. Like if your anti vax you’re a republican or something. Pro vax a liberal. I know plenty of people vaxed, boosted, unvaxxed…they all got covid. It doesn’t discriminate apparently. Go figure.