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Baghdad Bob, that you?

Baghdad Bob, that you? | BRUH, WE WATCHED IT HAPPEN IN REAL-TIME! 😒 | image tagged in memes,politics,democrats,republicans,afghanistan,trending | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
852 views 40 upvotes Made by Paradox3713 4 months ago in politics
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He always looks constipated. That just might be his problem.
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Being full of shit IS a requirement to work for the Biden Administration, so you're probably right.
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How can an a**hole that big be constipated?
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Think about how much shit he is full of and it starts to make sense lol
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In other words don't believe your eyes.
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The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.
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Does that mean they want us to refuse sensibility and logic too?
Or they're trying to rewrite history, so they don't look as bad.
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Of course they want us, no, require us to refuse sensibility and logic. They also are actively redefining words and expecting us to believe the new definition has always been the definition.
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In other words they're playing games with themselves, and they're trying to push it onto everyone else.
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Yes, but the main credo of the Biden Administration seems to be . . . don't BELIEVE your lying eyes. At least that's what both this administration and their Mainstream Media shills are pushing.
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You are feeling relaxed.

Your mind is free of all thought...
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Trump did not make a deal to leave the gear behind.

Perhaps you should step out of your echo chamber and listen to rational people speak.

Get away from your handlers.
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It's Trump's fault.

High gas is the Russians' fault.

The lousy economy is the pandemics fault.

Why is everything somebody else's fault, anybody else's fault, but the big guy, the Great Uniter, the POTUS, the HWIC, the Commander in Chief?

That's poor leadership.

He constantly refuses to accept responsibility for his lousy decisions and actions/inactions that cost people their lives.

Be embarrassed by that unAmerican behavior.
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And that 8 years of Obama's misery?
THAT was all Bushes Fault. Just ask, he'll still tell ya.
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