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Taco Bell Sign in politics
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They simply followed and obeyed the U.S. Constitution. What a novel concept . . . to . . . the . . . Left.
Peckerwood in politics
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Psssst . . . over a million well educated Dem Party voters have abandoned the party to become Republicans because only IDIOTS would vote for Dementia Joe Biden . . . twice. They, on the other hand, would cheerfully vote for Trump in order to fix everything that Biden and the Dem Party's leadership . . . broke.
Untitled Image in politics
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Up-voted. Yes, thinking people do remember. But to be fair to leftists, many of them seem politically pre-conditioned to remember ONLY what MSNBC or CNN tells them to remember.
The political rhetoric and the justifications for authoritarianism seems eerily familiar, doesn't it? in Real_Politics
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Yes, 'F' them and all of the leftist loyal media outlets pushing the same messaging.