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Abortion is "Healthcare" in politics
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Only if you believe that happened. This may come as a shock to you, but people can oppose killing of the unborn for non-religious reasons. Which means that a person can be against abortion, and believe that the death of the Egyptian firstborn is an untrue fairy tale.
Change My Mind in politics
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Except in cases of **pe, the woman already made her choice. It was never taken away from her.
Having said that, I would never want that to be legislated as the only circumstance in which it is allowed. **pe is difficult to prove (and a trial is time consuming). If you lower the threshold to an accusation, you run the risk of encouraging false accusations.
What concerns me most is the moral conversation that surounds the topic of abortion. Some want the choice to be viewed as a simple medical decision, like getting the flu shot. Some even want the choice to be viewed as positive.
But abortion is always a negative choice. It may be the least negative choice of the choices a woman has, but it is negative. If a woman needs an abortion, something has already gone wrong. She may have been **ped, her birth control failed, there is a medical reason, or she was just plain irresponsible.
This is why most libertarians and conservatives want a smaller government with limited interference in our lives. in politics
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Anything a corporation "takes" from you is given voluntarily in exchange for something you want.
The average SS payment is about$1,422/mo. in politics
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Because even though they paid into it, the average person actually collects more than they paid in. Also, social security is not a savings plan. What you pay into it now, pays for those who are on it now. When you get on it, what you get will be paid for by those paying into it then. And so on.