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Most clinics that I'm familiar with base it on a s lf reported ability to pay. So if you say you can afford 5 bucks, it's 5 bucks. If you say you can't afford anything, it's free. But it does depend on the paticularlly clinic.
birth control
I actually do think that government should provide free birth control (and for the record, despite what many claim, it currently does), but not out of any "moral" obligation to do so. It is merely good public policy to prevent as many irresponsible people as possible from breeding.
The Most Interesting Man In The World
What do you mean by "start"?
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Actually, you need an ID to get a job. You should also need it to government benefits. Bottom line is you need an ID for many of life's necessary activities. Why are they okay believing a large portion of the population can't get a job, can't get benefits, can't cash a check, can't get housing, etc? If the left believes that IDs are inaccessable for so many, the issue they should want fixed is ID accessablity, not voting. I wouldn't care that I can't vote if I couldn't even live.
Rich banker
Id be happy with 976 dollars