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Trump Bill Signing
(I'm responding to you reply to my reply) Exactly. Yet this guy claims there are no "extremists" running for office on the left. He is an extremist who honestly thinks his views are close to center.
Trump Bill Signing
"Republicans are too stupid and afraid, and the Democrats just want open borders" You're kind of right. I don't think It's that Repuclicans are "stupid" or "afraid" per se though. We do need to revamp our immigration laws. But for the longest time there was no point in doing so, because our leadership refused to enforce them anyhow. I think it would be a good idea to look at our imigration laws and see what aspects are too harsh/seem racist, and amend them accordingly. But that is unlikely to happen as many democrats will accept nothing short of open borders. Even detaining and processing them (so we can document them and perform a cursory background check) before entry would be decried as inhumane.
Trump Bill Signing
It's not funny. He actually believes that. Our society is creating more and more people who are extreme leftist, but think they are center because their views are "normal" in college and in their social circles.
Trump Bill Signing
Only an extremist could believe that. Most people consider there views close to center. If you don't see extremism, it is because you're already there.
Trump Bill Signing
What I think they are often not effectively articulating, is that many only dislike certain policies now, because they dislike the person doing it. Suddenly unpopular policies (which have been around awhile and are just now weapon to use against those now in charge) were enacted for a REASON. There is no ideal solution for any problem. In an ideal world, there would be no problem to solve in the first place.