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Um, it's about time I put in a tagline.
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Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 3d
Due to doublethink, they never have to.
Breaking: NUCLEAR CRIME found at Mar-a-lago in politics
2 ups, 4d
I believe you, but can you reference a source?
Trump proof in politics
0 ups, 5d
Even if he had taken launch codes (which I don't for a second believe he did), you're telling me they don't change those between presidents and every few months? Anything he could have taken should be useless by now.
They make me change my password at work every three months and all I can do is read the employee newsletter and check my schedule. You're telling me they're less careful with launch codes?
It's clearly something else. Most likely information damaging, or even incriminating, of people currently in positions of authority.
4 ups, 1w
So, if a warrant automatically means a valid reason, than everything they did at Bryona Taylor's apartment was justified then.
They won't stop even when they find nothing over and over again. Wait until they start planting shit. in politics
0 ups, 1w
They'll tell you when/if they find something. "But everyone KNOWS he's a criminal." So they just have to find the crime.