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Big Brother is Watching You in politics
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In the past, they weren't able to demand ANY medical records, unless you needed a special exemption (fmla, excuse of absence, special accommodations, work restrictions, etc.), they were never allowed to demand records as a routine part of employment. And even then, they were not allowed to ask for the medical condition, just what the specific accommodations/restrictions are, or that an absence was medically excused.
This IS a major change in the expectations of medical privacy. But your doublethink programing is so complete you literally are incapable of seeing that. You can be convinced that 2+2=5. I don't even know why I'm bothering.
I know that this is going to happen. I know that I can't change it. But it's frustrating to see how brainwashed people, in general, have become. They can literally see the change happening before them and still believe that no change is happening.
Big Brother is Watching You in politics
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How exactly are they supposed to verify you're vaccinated without demanding medical records? This is a huge shift in policy regarding employers and medical privacy.
I don't even think I'm as bothered by the shift as by people denying there is a shift. The value of medical autonomy is not necessarily universal. People who think they "know better" have historically decided they should be allowed to make medical decisions for others (eugenics for example) in the name of the "greater good".
But the vaccine isn't even FDA approved yet. "Emergency use" does not constitute actual approval.
Big Brother is Watching You in politics
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Which of course, makes HIPPA meaningless. If your employer legally can demand medical records, and you don't have the option to say no, medical privacy is meaningless.
HIPPA prevents medical providers from sharing information precisely because your employers, family, friends, etc aren't entitled to your private medical information unless you CHOOSE to share it.
Big Brother is Watching You in politics
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Yes. Like vaccines, i may say its the "wrong" choice, but its still up to the individual to make it.
Big Brother is Watching You in politics
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My work just announced it was going to make vaccines mandatory. Im already vaccinated, but that really bothers me. I'm a strong believer in medical freedom, and that entails the freedom to make the "wrong" choice.
Weren't the left screeching about employers making medical decisions for women, simply because they didn't want to pay for birth control coverage. But they were doing absolutely nothing to prevent their employees from getting birth control on thier own. They certainly weren't forcing an unwanted treatment onto them.