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Question Rage Face
Not our English grammar. But that's a lost cause honestly. (Barely related rant: Seriously, my spell check often changes things back to the wrong thing after I fix it. It keeps changing their back to there after I changed it from there to their. I wonder if that sentence will even be right once I hit post comment. Damn cheap Android phone, anyways...)
Question Rage Face
"I am only looking for a laugh. Capisce?" Your words. That is why you are a troll. Not for having a different or contaversial oppinion. The word "troll" gets thrown around a lot. Most of the time you really can't be sure unless it's someone you've observed over several comment threads. Many of the people who we call trolls merely have controversial oppinions, are stuborn, or just plain stupid. What really makes a troll is that they argue with people "just for laughs", not to change minds, provoke thought, or engage in dialogue. So yes, I know what a troll is.
Question Rage Face
The claim that you actually "have thoughts" is a stretch. (And this IS a troll comment, unlike the others you have accused of being troll comments. It is a mere insult. It will not and can not lead to thoughtful discussion. Provoking dialogue is not trolling. Provoking anger without thought is.)
Question Rage Face
"Europe was nit prepared for such an amount of refugees coming and these places have been put up at the time as a half hearted temoprary messure but have sadly grown to become permanent." What makes you think the U.S. is any more prepared. Most of the rage about so called "children in cages" has do with hastily prepared housing with chain link around it.
Question Rage Face
"It is common sense that a person who can't speak english very well nor has a very good education form where they come from that they be glossed over in favour if a Native." Actually, in many jobs immigrants are hired preferentially. I was once denied a job (at a jack in the box across the street from the college I was going to) because I didn't speak Spanish (they told me this at the interview). At first this didn't bother me because I assumed they meant they wanted someone bilingual. Nope, week later I tried to order food there and the lady behind the counter could not speak a word of English, not even the items on the menu. (This is merely the most obvious example I have experienced. There are others) So no, being a "native" confers no preference.