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Who Knew? in politics
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SORRY, LIBRARY IS CLOSED JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN CALIFORNIA | image tagged in sorry folks parks closed | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Dennis Nedry, Celebrity Leaving America If Trump Wins in politics
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image tagged in hey i've seen this one | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Many made that promise in 2016, but we're still stuck with them.
Now make one on the welfare system ..! in politics
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What's the name of the documentary or documentation?
When did we stop allowing anonymous posts? in fun
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I know this meme is kinda stupid, so I was going to post it anonymously so I didn't have to be associated with a stupid meme. I found out that most streams don't allow that anymore. I was just wondering when that happened. It is it new new, or did I just not notice because I hardly ever post anonymously?
Evil Toddler in politics
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Could you link a source. When I googled it, nothing recent came up. I desperately want the position reversal on lockdown to be true, but can't find it.