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AlaskaNativeManitou (645283)
Joined 2020-11-04
I belong to the Tsimshian, Chilkat Tlingit & Cherokee tribes. Pronouns: ze/zem or any.
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Untitled Image in Femboys_for_life
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Sorry to hear that; welcome back.
Take the Christ out of Christmas. in politicsTOO
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Stupid is believing that ๐Ÿ‘ were out in the field during December. They & the shepherds would have frozen. Biblical scholars think that the nativity happened in September.
I haven't posted to the official Fun stream in over a year. in MSMG_Circlejerk
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That troll must have a high opinion of themself to assume that I'd care whether they think I'm funny or not. ๐Ÿคจ
Just sayin'. in LGBTQ
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This isn't about you. Someone has been stalking my memes with hate speech. At 1st they assumed me to be gay (I'm asexual) & said homophobic things. Yet their recent comments had those images in them.
Take the Christ out of Christmas. in politicsTOO
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