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Bob Ross Week - Live on stage - A Lafonso Event

Bob Ross Week - Live on stage - A Lafonso Event | BOB ROSS SINGS THE BLUES FEATURING HIS #1 HIT "CRY ME A RIVER OF HAPPY LITTLE TEARS" | image tagged in bad album art,memes,bob ross week,blues,singing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker | "I DON'T PLAY A LOT OF FANCY GUITAR. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY IT. THE KIND OF GUITAR I WANT TO PLAY IS MEAN, MEAN LICKS." - JOHN LEE HOOKER | image tagged in blues,quotes,music | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Corporal Chen Chang's got the Blues. Bad.

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Malcolm Young

by Me13
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Hump Day

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Old singers week (a Johnny_Cash event)

by anonymous
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Every damn time.

by anonymous
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Atheist Blues

by anonymous
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