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Business Cat in politics
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Not investing in employees has gotten us to where we are though. Small Businesses - not affected. Just publicly traded ones. The ones where the stock success is on the backs of thousands of "low on the corp food chain" employees who then get stiffed on a bonus bc not enough money was made compared to forecast. So basically - dividends still go to stock holders , just not as much. Which are mostly owned by people in the top 1-7 percentile in wealth. But all the major work to get that completed was completed by people in the mid to lower income levels. Who have to typically take loans out to afford necessities just to be able to work (like a car).

There's a balance between Capitalism & some aspects of Socialism that make sense. But 1/3 of profits back into the hands of the people that did most of the work... Those people now strive instead of get by. That 1/3 is now in the hands of the people that do the most percentage of low end shopping that applies to tons of those companies on the stock exchange.

TONS of Small Businesses (Capitalism) choose to do Profit Sharing in the name of making their employees lives better. While most stock traded companies have Bonuses and such and perks - profit sharing isn't typically part of the equation.

Capitalism unchecked is leading the US into a hole it won't be able to dig out of. Socialism unchecked leads to collapse of society & ridiculous government oversight of everything.

Something different needs tried
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Good theory, but it's an illegal immigrant
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Illegal immigrant. Not sure where on the baby-sitter to Kidnapper spectrum they fall on.
Do not say you like Kung Fu Panda 4 more, or else you might be dead. in fun
2 ups, 17h
I watched it - it was fun. Better than any of them? Ehhh... Like, on Par with the first because of how it's the cycle of the Dragon Warrior fulfilled. But not outright better than. Like close second place to KFP1. Then two then three.

Best movies are 1,4,2,3 in that order.
Pathological Liar Joe Biden in Real_Politics
2 ups, 19h
Modern Lefties don't get this kind of stuff. He's not just a liar in the last rememberable 16 years... It's a CAREER statistic. He's always been a scumbag, always will be a scumbag.