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Scr*w the left. Scr*w the right. Question both. Think for yourself. Meme. Have fun.
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Thank you, Sir! in politics
0 ups, 3y
Disagree with political assassination of any kind.

Documentable state treason on the other hand can be unearthed with legitimate due process, once the DS's information control mechanisms are exposed and neutralized.
Is it just me? in politics
6 ups, 3y
Same here. Libertarian by choice; Republican by necessity.
Wanting "POS Liberals" "to die," is not apolitical? Who knew? in politics
1 up, 3y
I should have more precisely said his party registration.

Hella lotta so-called MAGAs turned up at that event who had long-standing party registrations to indicate the exact opposite.
Commie in politics
1 up, 3y
I do. I see them closely following the the hidden agenda of Big Pharma's corporate trillions, defying real science, and ever tightening state control. The graph suggests you might at least be open to the idea.
Commie in politics
0 ups, 3y
Did it years ago. Independent libertarian-leaning quasi-centrist with a high variance based on the ability to weigh things issue by issue without party dogma.