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Candid reflections upon the brief yet consequential tenure of our latest President. in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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The Left wins when Patriots stay silent. The Left wins when heroes like us suffer setbacks, lose heart, and give up. That is what they want us to do. That is exactly what they intend when the forces arrayed against us throw their worst: A full-on propaganda brainwashing campaign that would make Stalin and Kim Jong-Un blush.

It is at difficult junctures like these that courage is in shortest supply: and yet, is also most needed.

That is why I picked up the baton for Conservative Party when our illustrious Party founder, IncognitoGuy, was so abruptly and rudely dismissed from our stream. Holding fast to the principles he established and promoted every day, throughout our “wilderness period,” throughout the winter of our discontent, we tended a quiet flame for Western civilization. We laid low, organized, and quietly built the organization that we would need to later blossom. We easily swatted away the Leftists who made incessant attempts to infiltrate our movement like so many flies.

And now, it is springtime. Now, we move. Patriots: To those who supported MoonMan, to honor his legacy, to move the baton forward once again, I extend a special welcome. Now is the time to RALLY to the Conservative Party banner.

Join arms! Stand fast! March! We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, together under a bright morning sun, let’s reclaim our birthright and the heritage our forefathers bequeathed us!