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Crypt Keeper Meets Nasty Nancy

Crypt Keeper Meets Nasty Nancy |  SATANDATE.COM; EVEN THE CRYPT KEEPER SWIPES LEFT | image tagged in satan,crypt keeper,nancy polosi,left wing,nut job | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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 WHERE DO THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE OFTEN COME FROM? [2 of 2] What so many world religions and cults call spirits, 
are just demons that want your 
death before you’re able to 
get saved through Jesus Christ. 
And one way they can kill 
you is with your involvement 
in the occult, which often leads 
to a shorter life. People 
who get entangled with the
occult and drug use, 
often commit suicide. Where do you suppose that kind of depression comes from? It's not from the Spirit of God! Who is probably putting that sort of suicidal idea in people's heads? Why are these spirits (demons) so bent on killing people? Again, if a person is tricked into pulling the trigger before getting saved, they go to hell. So, that's a demon's modus operandi. And demons work for Satan, the father of lies and murder. | image tagged in suicide,demon,satan,god,jesus,bible | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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 WHEN I DIE, HOW CAN I BE SURE I’LL GO TO HEAVEN INSTEAD OF BEING CUT OFF FROM GOD AND SUFFERING FOR AN ETERNITY IN HELL? First, you must understand and admit your spiritual need. Second, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible and accept the fact that He died on the cross to pay for your sins; He took the death penalty in your place. Third, receive Him as your Savior. God is holy and we am not. He is just. Therefore, He demands punishment for our sins. Because of that, at your and my first sin, we are in a heap of trouble and can’t undo it ourselves. We can’t earn salvation (heaven) because no work by any of us can attain it. Praise God that He was gracious to allow His Son to take the punishment in our place and we need to believe in that. We are trusting by faith in the fact that He did that work for us. That’s what it means to receive Christ as your Savior. If you believe this, you have Christ as your eternal Savior. And it can’t be lost—period! How can that which is eternal, become not-eternal? How can that which is born again become unborn?
How can that which is a gift be taken away. If so, it would not be a gift. | image tagged in heaven,hell,eternity,afterlife,god,satan | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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 DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WE’RE ALL IN A SPIRITUAL WAR AGANST SATAN AND HIS HENCHMEN DEMONS? I had a professor in Bible college who made a great point about Satan. This has nothing to do with more easily deceiving those less intelligent, but my professor said the devil doesn't even have to be intelligent to dupe a lot of us. The Greek word for demon means, "intelligent ones," but on top of Satan's intelligence, he also has 6000 years of watching us tick. From that he’s learned every possible shortfall we have so he knows how to tap into our weaknesses. He doesn't even need to be smart since he's able to repackage the same simple lies for each new generation that hasn't learned those lessons yet; and who won’t study their history. People fall for the same lies over and over. Your defense is waiting for you there in the wisdom of your Bible. Do you want to be wise? Study your Bible. | image tagged in god,bible,demon,satan,jesus,lies | made w/ Imgflip meme maker