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If God Were Just... in politics
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I may be beyond help.

But Trump is certainly beyond help.

So deep in shit he aspirates his own excrement with every breath he takes.

76 felony charges, originating in 3 separate jurisdictions.

Malignant Messiah could spend over 500 years behind bars.

Yes, half a millennium.

I imagine you and your fellow seditionist-insurrectionistl comfort yourselves with the prospect of another Civil War... which you would lose just like you lost the first one.

But frankly I think it's time we consider dividing the "United" States of America into two sovereign polities (perhaps with some sort of overarching federation.

"Chronic Incivility: Is It Time To Divide The United States Into Two Separate Nations - One For Red States, And One For Blue States?"

Think about it.

And, tell a friend.
Let's Plug Into The Sun. It's Just Dangling There, Waiting To Supply Planet Earth's Energy Needs Forever in politics
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Nothing works perfectly, and it is childish to think otherwise.

In the big scheme of things, the hail-induced destruction of a Nebraska solar farm is insignificant.

Apart from from your trivial observation that a single solar farm in Nebraska has any relevance to the ongoing development of solar energy, here is what the big picture reveals: the production of solar energy is rising more quickly than any other energy source, and the production of fossil fuel energy is in the steepest nosedive.

Furthermore, solar energy is getting less expensive every year, while fossil fuel energy is getting more expensive every year.

Try to think not just in a "gotcha" way, but in ways that are truly meaningful.

The New Testament Parable Of "The Widow's Mite," Relativity, Perfection And Contextualization: "The Chances Of A Refugee-Terrorist Killing An American Are 3.6 Billion To 1"
The Fullness Of Truth Is Revealed Only In Deep Contextualization in politics
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And, why would they implode?

They would implode because they do not seek truth. They seek comfort and "settledness" for themselves and punitive vengeance for their perceived enemies.

In similar vein, it is customary - perhaps inevitable - that they put a pretty face on their beliefs -- beliefs that are crafted to correspond to the unexamined sound bites they heard when they were youngsters. Now, I fear, it's too late. They will never grow up. They will never see that the world is more shades of gray than absolute right and wrong, poles that are as bright as the noon sun and as dark as a mile-deep mine shaft.
Chesterton Says, "Religion Is Putting First Things First" in politics
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Apologies are only valid when the person offering an apology has already remedied the reason why an apology is necessary.

Master Compendium Of Trump's Mendacity: Malignant Messiah Lies More Easily Than He Metabolizes. (Or... You Know He's Lying Because His Lips Are Moving.)