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Who Do You Choose? People Who Actually Know Something? Or Underperforming Middle Schoolers? in politics
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It is in the nature of science to try to prove its hypotheses and findings wrong.

And often, hypotheses and preliminary findings are proven wrong.

But over time, scientific understanding becomes clearer.

The next time an ominous spot shows up your xray (or the xray of a loved one) you will want the best possible doctors available. And you will want them "yesterday."

You will not turn to underperforming middle schoolers for anything of great pitch and moment..

In the meantime, you can thump your chest -- monkey see monkey do -- pretending there's no difference between "opinion" and "truth."

In fact, the distinction between opinion and truth is the is the very fulcrum that separates an educated person and an uneducated person.

You can get your dander up over "the intellectual elites."

But when you REALLY need (or want) something -- sophisticated health care, a new car, a new cellphone, solar panels, a new sound system -- the ONLY people who can provide these things are people with intellectual training- and lots of it.

You know this.

And I know this.

And anyone who values truth over Trump train bullshit knows this.

It is inescapable, and inescapably true:

It is the "intellectual elites" whom you pretend to disdain, on whom you ultimately rely.
"Absolute Faith Corrupts As Absolutely As Absolute Power" in politics
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"Trump Derangement Syndrome" Is Not Only Real, But Foundational
"Absolute Faith Corrupts As Absolutely As Absolute Power" in politics
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An essential component of Hoffer's genius was his ability to provide insight over a wide range of political perspectives.

But he nailed conservative Christianity (which is neither) when he observed that "Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power."

To get a balanced idea of Hoffer's thought, readers may enjoy this resource:

"How Self-Taught Philosopher-Longshoreman Eric Hoffer Judges A Government, Or A Way Of Life"
"What Does It Mean That Lincoln Read Every Book He Could Get His Hands On Whereas It Appears That Trump Never Read A Book" in politics
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It seems that Merry Prankster doth protest too much.

The fact that basically good people may make "bad judgment calls" -- solitary judgment calls that are "exceptions to the rule" -- has no direct bearing on their veracity.

Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, and Jim Mattis (who gave a defensible reason for inaction) may have been responsible for the death of several soldiers who were not evacuated in timely fashion. (There was a time when real, non-seditious presidents would acknowledge that "responsibility for their hand-picked underlings" stopped at their own desk.)

A single event in the life of James Mattis, and another single instance in the life of Hillary Clinton, do not reveal patterns of malfeasance.

On the other hand...

Wherever responsibility may lie in Benghazi and Afghanistan, both these tragic episodes were "one offs."


"The President Of The United States Is A Mass Murderer: He Has Murdered For Months On End With Malice Aforethought"

"The New England Journal Of Medicine" Condemns Trump As A Mass Murderer

Trump Is Guilty Of Negligent Homicide On A Massive Scale: Columbia University Study: "Trump Could Have Saved 130K Lives"

"Trump's COVID Plan: Negligent Homicide"

"The Statue Of Liberty Comments On Donald Trump's COVID-19 Plan: Negligent Homicide"

"Did Trump's Coronavirus Action, Inaction And Ineptitude Kill 124,175 People Needlessly? (Correcting A Blog Post Dated June 26, 2020)"

"The Lincoln Project" Takes On Trump's Laughably Nonexistent Health Care Plan
"What Does It Mean That Lincoln Read Every Book He Could Get His Hands On Whereas It Appears That Trump Never Read A Book" in politics
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Apparently you're one of the exceptions that proves the rule.

It is well within the realm of possibility that Trump has never read a chapter book in his life.

"Follow-Up To Jim Mattis' Reference To Trump As An Ignorant Dolt Who Doesn't Read"