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Endless Solutions
What I saying is... every time I need a "organic" comb a tree needs to come down or an animal needs to be killed. of course you can get more the one comb per tree or animal but living things need to die. I don't think you will get more then a couple years of use out of an organic comb before it breaks or becomes unusable. Plastic is the superior material, in that regard, but you have the disposal issue. The solution is the problem and the problem is the solution depending on your point of view. Endless Solutions
Endless Solutions
My sister had a party recently and use paper straws. People were very vocal about their dislike of them.
Endless Solutions
That is probably somewhere that doesn't recycle or have return deposit on plastic bottles. I'm not saying that is the "end all" solution but it does help. My brother went to Cancun Mexico and he said if you travel inland from the idyllic and pristine beaches you run across areas like this.
Endless Solutions
Exactly! I was using "tree hugger" as a euphemism for environmentalists. Is a complex issue without one blanket solution. There is too much plastic to waste but at the same time I have had one plastic comb for like 20 years. A comb made of natural material (wood? bone?) would not likely last nearly that long.
My next million dollar idea!
I kind of remember waxed paper straws when I was a kid.