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Food shortages are planned in politics
1 up, 4d
My sister worked in a Tyson plant so long she developed carpal tunnel. They never had a fire. Never had an airplane fly into their plant.
Funny how Lizard Bill Gates has more corporate farms than anyone and not one of his farms was hit. One experienced arson investigator I know said that makes him Suspect #1.
Crenshaw the Red Flag Guy in politics
1 up, 6d
Got a purple heart for skull-f♡《¡ng his own eye out. Patch McCain realized with his flexibility he'd go far in Establishment politics.
Soros gives his flunky orders in politics
0 ups, 2w
When you're dead you don't know you voted for Biden either, or you'd be dead and embarrassed.
Barry Is Missing PRIDE Month again in politics
0 ups, 2w
Rock has been dead for decades. I'm pretty sure were Hudson alive today he'd be out of the closet. Why is Barry hiding in there? What's he afraid of? He's got F**k All money and Secret Service bodyguards. One of my friends had sex reassignment surgery. He has no bodyguards. He lives in a small town with a church every 50 feet.
Gay people are upset over it. So are the Alphabet Soup tribe. Ask em.
Real Culprit of Jan. 6 in politics
3 ups, 2w
It's not one of mine, I found it on MeWe. I just modified it by adding the bottle of old crow.