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Agent Smith Bureaucracy in politics
1 up, 2mo
These memes are based on true stories.
Hillarycide none of Trumps associated died in politics
0 ups, 5mo
Untrue. Orange Man flew once on Epsteins Jet from Florida to New York. He never visited Epstein Island. Clinton went 16 times however, lol.
Joe Biden campaigning with Klansmam Robert C Byrd in politics
0 ups, 5mo
PS. Byrd never left the Klan. He got angry at CBS 60 Minutes and left in a huff when they asked him about it.
Weeks later his PR flack sent them a press release stating he did. There's no audio or video of him ever saying it and those who knew his PR guy used to tease him about it.
Biden crime family bank records in politics
0 ups, 5mo
Maybe youd like to explain how a man who was born retarded and got dozens of concussions and 2 aneyerisms became a multimillionaire a year after becoming vice president WITHOUT influence peddling?
Joe Biden campaigning with Klansmam Robert C Byrd in politics
0 ups, 5mo
Who knows. There were DOZENS of reporters there that day alone and dozens of people in the crowd with cameras. Heck I was a reporter ober 30 years in Ky and WV. I didnt take it but i probably met whoever did.