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Involuntary Servitude

Involuntary Servitude |  JURY DUTY; Jury is a good thing, in that we can be judged by a jury of our peers, not just some state appointed judge. The problem is when the state forces us into jury duty. This is involuntary servitude and thus violates the 13th Amendment. So jury duty should be by invitation only. There are a lot of people willing to serve in a jury, but when its forced, it creates bitterness and animosity towards the system, and does an injustice for those who might be tried. People could be tried by angry jurors who just want to go home. Which could punish the innocent and let the guilty get away. In conclusion, jury duty like conscription (draft), violates our freedom as individuals and should not be mandated, and better pay would help as an incentive to serve. Also, stop calling it a duty as a way to guilt people into it. We are free, we are not slaves of the state. | image tagged in jury duty,judge,courts,serve,coercion,justice | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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This Seal No Longer Needs His AK

This Seal No Longer Needs His AK |  All War Criminals Punished; Happy Healthy Homogenous Countries for Every People; Fair Trials and Intergalactic Catapults for Covid Gangsters; Human-Trafficking Rings; Shut Down; No More Drug Kingpins (Including Big Pharma); Banksters Dethroned; and a Strawberry Milkshake That Was Bigger Than I Am--Gotta Say My Day Outdid Ice Cube's Best Day. | image tagged in evcg,satisfied seal,truth,progress,justice,ice cube | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Pedo Chipper

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Preserve The Dem Hypocrites

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Karma is a wonderful thing

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"Hunter Biden who ?"

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