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Overpaying by a lot.

Overpaying by a lot. | You know you're paying too much in taxes; When every politician's home looks like this | image tagged in memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,298 views 67 upvotes Made by McKennzo 6 months ago in politics
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Harry Truman | "Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook"
- Harry S Truman | image tagged in harry truman | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Joe and Hunter Biden | WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ME AND THE "BIG GUY" MADE OUR MILLIONS BY SELLING YOU OUT & TAKING BRIBES - JUST LIKE ANY NORMAL & CROOKED POLIT | image tagged in joe and hunter biden | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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That and they’re basically allowed to get away with Insider Trading
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"INfLaTiOn Is GoOd FoR tHe EcOnOmy!"
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Good old Nancy Pelosi | WHY DO YOU THINK I GOT INTO POLITICS? | image tagged in good old nancy pelosi | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Paying taxes at all is too much.

Greedy Politicians are I different breed, I swear.
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They don't ALL look like that, only the ones who are crooked
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Which is most of them.
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"It never made sense to me. The whole build back better and Great Reset agenda. Why if the system you've created has made you and your friends unimaginably wealthy would you change it? Why would you need to build anything back better or reset it? You'd want to keep it exactly as it is. You made your money on the backs of consumers. People buy your products because they have the disposable income to do so. Why would you do anything to change that formula?

Yet, the Elites are determined to usher in a whole new society. One that is extremely restrictive and heavily surveilled. One in which they tell you you'll own nothing and like it, which means people won't have the disposable income to buy the products that enrich them.

It's odd that they don't care about expanding their wealth. Willing to give up future riches to rule over a society that is poor. It doesn't make sense unless they have another motive. Unless their desire is to protect and not accumulate.

They don't want to rule over a society that's poor, they have to. Why? Because they've accumulated all of the wealth. They know the system they built is going to collapse. They also know that when it does the people are coming for them. So they aren't building a society to rule over the poor, they're building one to protect what they have!"
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Perhaps they are planning on doing away with federal subsidies.

That will create great strife throughout the land.

And, i believe you are correct, the fiat money pyramid scheme is going to collapse at some point in the near future.

That will create great strife throughout the land.

What better time to declare martial law due to a state of emergency than when Kamala inherits the white house?

She's the perfect puppet. Dumb, spiteful, lacks character, but does what she's told. A useful idiot.

I've been reading the UN 2030 agenda among other things. The most interesting thing is that there is a power behind all the kingdoms on earth. You can glean that from the writing.

There has been a one world government for a long time. International law, international maritime law, world court, etc.

The old guard is aging and dying off.

The youth have been indoctrinated to the point they're demanding to be subjugated.

Then technology will take the place of the inquisitors of old. Your entire history, thoughts, ideology, statements, everything about available to be held up for all to see and condemn.

This is either starting to sound like a conspiracy theory or the book of revelation. 🤔

I'll shut up now before I am selected for removal.

Besides, I gotta go paint my roof blue (NATO color) so the lasers and drones passover my house.

Lambs blood on the door frame would be easier but where am I gonna get that?

Oy vey !
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Indeed, this is why we should raise their taxes.
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I agree.. now, we just have to find some politicans that will raise taxes on themselves. I start by looking in fantasy land.
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Literally any of them.
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This is the home of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
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You know you're paying too much in taxes; When every politician's home looks like this