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Mental illness for all to see in politics
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With time restraints due to long work hrs. being such as they are for me these days - I don't have much time for lengthy exchanges. At least not to give you as thoughtful & detailed an answer as I would like. So why don't we save each other a lot of time spent on a lengthy progression of exchanges by you answering this question.

Do you think it was morally acceptable for an older adult man like Harvey Milk to have sex with minors? Even if was consensual? Yes or no? If you say Yes, you won't agree to anything else I have to say in response to your above question.

I think I already know how you're going to answer, but I would like to at least give you the benefit of the doubt and get it out in the open, because the crux of this matter boils down to world views and epistemologies regarding morality. From past exchanges, I already know where you stand here. Unless you have since changed. Which I doubt, but it's possible.
Mental illness for all to see in politics
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Young teens. He was a pederast. He had a proclivity for male minors, who included 16-year-old Jack Galen McKinley. Milk’s biographer Randy Shilts wrote about the predator’s runaway lover McKinley in his biography, “The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk.”
Mental illness for all to see in politics
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I completely agree. This precisely is why "progressives" need to stop painting him in that light. They did the same thing with George Floyd. They have a long notorious history of canonizing scumbags as virtuous saints.