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It is in these hills that Juan Valdez & his Trustigoat gather coffee beans every morning...memes r my form of expression
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I Mean, Health...... in politics
3 ups, 19h
Gee, once......still lagging behind........
Wrong Letter in Dark_humour
0 ups, 6d
Yeah, none of you are clearly noticing the bad photoshop smh
What the hell? in TerribleModerations
1 up, 1w
This was submitted to ai memes stream......wasn't aware science mattered smh
Huh? in ai_memes
0 ups, 1w
What the hell? | image tagged in mods,stupid people | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
What the hell does this mean? This ai memes, there ain't no rule about science??? smh
Untitled Image in unsee-juice
0 ups, 1w
make sure you remember to ban Jeffrey when you disapprove his shit......