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Rick and Carl in politicsTOO
3 ups, 4w
Casinos. Where the business model is:
“Take money from people, give back 95% of that money.”
Trumpivs & January 6th Choir/ Jailhouse Rock in politicsTOO
0 ups, 2mo
Who owns the prisons? In many cases private owners that probably donate more to republicans than democrats. See for details
Trumpivs & January 6th Choir/ Jailhouse Rock in politicsTOO
3 ups, 2mo
Two tiered justice system. One for regular people, one for wealthy and/or powerful people. If Trump was “regular” he’d be sitting in jail.

He loves to say “if they do this to me, they can do this to anyone.”

Well, yeah, I hope so. In fact I’m surprised he’s being held accountable at all. I doubt anything of actual significance will happen to him, but it’s nice to see awful, yet powerful people get held to the fire even a little bit for their crimes.
insurrectionist, rapist, fraud, grifter, LOSER in politicsTOO
0 ups, 3mo

Fixed that for you.
Untitled Image in politicsTOO
1 up, 3mo
Funny, the flags come out when you debate someone civilly and they lose. I’m sure it was the person I was debating about VAERS on the politics stream.