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But Thats None Of My Business
Lol dude I don’t have any other usernames. You are so triggered, it’s sad. I pay more in taxes than you make. Memes are fun but clearly they mean more to you than me, pal. You seem obsessed with crying. Not sure but probably projecting? It must be sad being you. Have a great night on POF looking for love. Someday....keep the faith.
But Thats None Of My Business
I have a job and family to go to. Wife, kids, the whole bit.’t that important to me. That’s why you should let it go. I’m not emotionally invested in this. You clearly are. Seek help.
But Thats None Of My Business
Awww....couldn't let it go. weak. Hey- you are hiding behind your "chosanwan" account. Big deal. Maybe more love from a good lady and you would be less mad. Get on Plenty of Fish. It's like or eharmony but for poor people. But you knew that already.
Your cat is broken.
Your parents named you "dragonborn261" ?
It’s actually the people brave enough to wear their MAGA hats in liberal areas that are targeted with violence.
I can't reply to your last comment so I am here... I personally think there is a LOT of corroborating evidence that points to Trump (and his crew) working with "russians" for years. They gave him a lot of money. (not that you will look into it... but here is a HUGE amount of actual proof: Regardless, of any of much of it was illegal? No idea. I don't care. It's obvious. If Mueller comes to the table with a report that says otherwise....OK. The proof is there. But OK....Nothing is shocking anymore. If he comes to the table with a huge bombshell report and Trump is a secret Russian Double Agent.....OK....again....Nothing is shocking any more. I ain't gonna get giddy one way or the other.