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Half of every dollar that goes to Ukraine is then sent back to the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. in politics
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About every other comment I make to you. You enjoy harassing me but you can't take it when I give it back to you.

No one else flags me. Just you.
Biden isn’t racist in politics
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Is it my ancestry or my belief in freedom for all that makes you want to lynch me or is it both.

What you failed to understand is ideologies. Outside of the Democrat Party people think for themselves and have all sorts of ideas about lots of things. I know this is hard for you to understand but people outside of the Democrat Party make their own decisions about how to live their lives.

What this means is, while I do have two ancestors, that I know of, who owned slaves it doesn't mean I have to support slavery. One of my ancestors was a slave. He gained his freedom and at some point after that he owned slaves. He was both slave and slave owner. And he was white. Let that sink into your pre-programmed brain.

"When you were a child it was legal to lynch my ancestors - my parents - in your state"

You've said this once before. I want you to show me the legislation that violated the Constitution that made it legal to lynch anyone for any reason. I'll wait..

BTW in 1838 the State of Missouri passed an extermination order to legally murder people who were members of the Church I belong to. That law was finally rescinded in 1976.

The 14th amendment both freed the slaves and made that extermination order invalid.

I really just cannot fathom the mental anguish you have to go through to accuse me of participating and supporting lynching when I was less than 1 year old. But I suppose in you mind I was crawling around doing all sorts of racist things. Because, in your mind, that's what babies do in Georgia.

I don't remember my first year of my life so maybe I was the one who prevented your mother from voting. What did I do to stop her, did I throw up or let a real big stinky one in my diaper. I must have done something for you to keep bringing up this nonsense over and over and over. Hey, you live in NYC. How is it that I, as a newborn baby stopped your mom from voting in Georgia. Methinks thou might have Southern ancestry and you're still a Democrat. Hmm .. how many blacks have you lynched today? Oh no...are you going to flag me for that comment. Oh boo hoo. Another 2 day suspension. You see how this works don't you? You can harass me for years about my ancestry but the moment I say the slightest thing about you I get the suspension, not you. Maybe I should start flagging your comments?

BTW what does any of this have to do with the people who are currently being indefinitely detained for no reason at all by your president?
Half of every dollar that goes to Ukraine is then sent back to the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. in politics
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"Fella, you know very well from these mods you complain about that my flags are ignored"

Well then, this should cheer you up then. Right after the last several times you flagged me, I got banned for 2 days. So you can go party now. You punished that mean old AdamSmithsInvisibleHand. Boy, you showed me, didn't you?

You seemed to know an awful lot about the behind the scenes going ons at ImgFlip. I'm not buying your denial of being a Modda-rator. Or maybe your and FBI agent assigned to keep and eye on the conservatives. Ya know like how we found out how embedded the FBI was in Twitter after Elon Musk bought it and fired all of the liberals who were censoring everyone who slightly deviated from the liberal narrative.

So which is it? Are you a Modda-rator or an FBI agent? If you're an FBI agent can I be expecting my door to be knocked down for the crime of being a pro-Constitution Christian? Or are the Dems bringing back lynchings? Just asking so I can be prepared to have my constitutional rights violated.
Biden isn’t racist in politics
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"So now Obama DIDN'T lock up the political opponents and any citizens he felt like like you said he locked up?"

You keep a database of everything everyone says. Go search your database and find the comment where I said Obama locked anyone up. I'll wait.

"It's YOUR party fella, going back over a century and a half. Literally."

I know of no time in the history of this nation when members of the Constitution Party locked anyone up.

The same is true of the Libertarian Party.

The Republican Party? Maybe, but you'll need to show me that one.

The Democrat Party? Does right now mean anything to you? I don't have to go back to the times when your party was throwing blacks in jail or lynching them for the crime of being black. That's your party. Not mine.

Biden locked up up over 10,000 peaceful protesters and rioters. Many of the rioters where prosecuted and tried. But they only rioted because the Capitol Police started shooting rubber bullets and flash grenades at them, just to get them to riot. The rest of the people he locked without trial or charges.

But you know this and either you don't care or you don't believe it. My guess is you don't care. You probably think everyone who disagrees with you should be executed or at least sent to reeducation camps.
Half of every dollar that goes to Ukraine is then sent back to the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. in politics
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This was posted last week. Does it matter? Biden sent another 60 billion to Ukraine and all you can do is complain that this is old news?????

Modda what's the matter with you? You used to be smarter than this? Oops... now you're going to flag me again and I'll get another two day suspension..... again. Is that fun for you. You must know that while it bugs me that these liberal controlled websites are so petty, it is actually doing me a favor. The less time I spend here playing verbal ping pong with you, the more time I get to do real stuff.