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What You Need To Know About Liberals

What You Need To Know About Liberals |  This picture... ...tells you most of what you
need to know about liberalism. | image tagged in liberals,democrats,progressives,abortion,birth,fetus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Parasites have no rights memeCaption this Meme
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Leftists are parasitic.
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Knowing they have parasites is the first step to getting a cure. Try Blue Ointment.
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I'm going in!!!
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On the back of the sign, it say's UBI for everyone except for conservatives.
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Well then... by this logic leftists have no rights. They're all just a bunch of parasites who drain the government, and by extension those who produce, of everything they have.

I'm okay with leftists having no rights.

Oh sure, it's wrong because those rights are inalienable but the left hates having rights anyway and will sell theirs and my freedom out to the government. So by all means take their rights away so they'll stop taking our rights away.
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'Rules for Thee, but Not for Me.'

That is the democrat slogan.
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"Yes they do"

By the logic in the sign above, no they don't

"No they aren't"

Pretty sure they are

"Then you don't support the Constitution. At least you finally admit it."

Demmys spat on the constitution but then we say the leftists shouldn't have rights which, in your logic, shouldn't have rights.

"No they don't"

Yes they do



Octavia_Melody has no facts or evidence to back their claim up so they just say "Nope."
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"No, because the sign doesn't say liberals are parasites"

It also doesn't say that fetuses are parasites

"Then you're just factually wrong. Liberals work and pay taxes and contribute to the economy just like other people"

Liberals don't pay taxes because they are too dumb to get a job that pays enough.

"Can you reword that in a way that's coherent?"

I'm pretty sure that your pea brain just can't process my statement

"No, the left doesn't hate having rights. That's a really dumb thing to say. Explain what rights I hate having."

1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, etc, amendments

"Try taking our rights away and see what happens."

"Rules for thee, but not for me" Demmys motto

"At least I'm not an habitual liar like him"

Do you have anything to back that claim up? In your own, indelible words "Nope"
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Sorry if you don't like facts, but that is a fact.
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Depends on who you ask I guess. Try a science book.
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No upvote? :0

I'm sure it can be argued that a fetus does cause some harm to a pregnant woman, especially if the pregnancy causes complications
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Hey, I understand this site has a name based on a certain feature, but since no one uses it, can said utterly useless feature be gotten rid of? Typing a tome and finally getting to the very last words only for it to decide the "d" in "the end" means time to automatically switch to a random 6yo meme no one upvoted for good reason made by someone no longer here who took one too many of mommy's percs before making a meme about Mrs Doltenwart's sucky math class can get to be annoying at times a lot.
Twice happened on this thread, TWICE now. My only chance to have fun with words because now even the slightest snark or zany hyperbole is abuse if directed at anyone within a mile of this site's app. I've become so dull I don't even know what's the purpose of typing anything anymore, even on memes. I should go back to making blank hybrid meme templates.
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One of my first books, Nature's Ways, had a page on this,,,
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This says more than I can,,,

Source plus other comments from others:

Although there are some species that are parasitic on their own kind, like deep sea male Angler fish which attach themselves and fuse to the female as a solution to the difficulty of finding a mate in the deep,,,

Calling an fetus a parasite is kind of missing the point, as reproduction is the purpose of mature breeding age females.
That we're so detached from basic biological functions (like the silly formula shortage crisis when women carry around two producers of free natural non-GMO baby formula right on their chests) and have reduced them to repurposed cultural accoutrements doesn't change what various organs are and their actual functions.

Sure, we live affluent lives with ample leisure time in a way overpopulated planet, so reproduction is not necessarily a priority, but pair bonding and mating as one thing and the offspring it may produce if they succeed as an invasive hindrance really needs some educational introduction to the purposes of, pehaps via some anthroplogical texts, literature, or even Soap Operas if people forgot what the why, how, and what aftermath of the birds and the bees thingy.

Granted, marriage has made having children a secondary consideration, but that only serves to make its original secondary purpose into its primary, and that is economic.

The leading cause of divorce (in trad marriages) is the husband losing his job, and marriagesdepend on him being the chief breadwinner, even in today's world with both spouses often working. That would pretty much in effect make her something of a parasite, some rather miffed ex hubbies might say. Does that provide him the option to dispense of her in a permanent way? Mind you, there was a time not too long ago that women were also 'scientifically' gauged to be mindless brutes, given to implulses and hystrionics, and supposedly devoid of intellect. The same was said of slaves, and served as not just the justification of it, but for the right to abuse them, as well as wives.

Life is parasitism, life is theft, life is murder. Some people see that as reason to kill what they will. Does it mean they should?

On the other hand, does it mean they shouldn't? ;p
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Hey, are you Jar Jar Binks? Because you're really f**king annoying.
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They want someone else to pay for their health care, education, food, etc. They are the parasites on society.
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So wrong, but funny
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You mean like illegal immigrants? Alien beings sucking nutrients from a foreign host?
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& Nobody wants to sleep with you anyway
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Then why should they get any 💀(ik this is late and someone prob said something similar but still)
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¿Politics don't have rights?
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No it doesn't
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If anything it shows a lack of basic scientific knowledge. A parasite has to be of a different species from the host and sometimes will kill its host though some organisms live a long life without realizing the presence of a parasite. If the girl holding the sign is referring to a fetus then she's incorrect. If she's referring to tapeworms or liver flukes then she is correct in a sense. A normal pregnancy doesn't harm the mother, uncomfortable? Yes, inconvenient, sometimes. lethal? In rare cases. Still doesn't make the fetus a parasite.
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The health benefits of pregnancy and childbirth far outweigh the benefits of abortion (are there any? Besides having a dead baby) check it out, I can vouch for these having given birth several times :)
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Man, OM has been taking some heavy blows the past few weeks. Ouch, must suck. Keep them coming.
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Deep down liberals know not a single justification for abortion holds water, they're grasping at straws at this point. Sooner or later the truth about the crimes and atrocities committed through or covered up by abortion will come to light and every nation that allowed this abomination will hang its head in shame. Truth always wins over lies eventually. Unfortunately, people suffer meanwhile. My job as a Christian is to bring out the truth. I will do this to my dying day or until abortion becomes unnecessary and unthinkable.
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One peculiar behavior I noticed from OM, that shows how unstable he is. I went back my post to find 2 individuals whom I said I was gonna go back to their post after Biden had some time as a president to check with them if he fulfilled his promises and if they would still vote for him again. I noticed that a large number of post by OM past about 6 months got deleted. So he has been deleting his old posts because he either changed his mind, do not want people quoting him, or because he does not want people seeing he lost his argument and how dumb it was. That is crazy. Sure, I would delete a post, but I will follow with a new post because most likely it was from a typo or I needed to add something I missed, and I will do it right there and there within 24 hours. But with him, they are gone for good after a few months.
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Parasites have no rights memeCaption this Meme
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